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If picking the right push mower isn’t something you like to step into cold, the Home Depot website provides a sweet comparison tool — with voice-overs, tons of pictures, and more than a few models from five of the major manufacturers to choose from.

We can’t imagine anyone would ever pick a mower based solely on an online sales “showroom”, but with this super useful tool you can skim the best features of the popular models on the market, without having to leave the house — and we’re all about that.

Push Mower Selector [Home Depot]


2 Responses to Pick A Mower, Any Mower

  1. Jackie says:


    Great blog – and thanks for the plug – this is an application that we built for Home Depot – we have a couple of others on their site too – the Grill Finder: http://www6.homedepot.com/grillfinder/wcs/index.shtml?&cm_sp=dept%2d%5f%2dd28%2d%5f%2dgrills%2d%5f%2dhero%2d%5f%2dfinder%5fimage

    We’ve also built similar applications for the Apple iPods. They make shopping for simlar products a lot easier than wading through pages of product.

    All the best,

  2. jeremy says:

    There aren’t any reel mowers on this finder…

    Reel mowers are better on many fronts. They cut the grass, rather than beating the snot out of it. They don’t pollute. They cut nice and quietly. And they cut closer too.

    If you’ve got a small lawn or a kid you’re willing to put to work, you should consider a reel mower. You’ll have a nicer lawn for it too.

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