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Cars and tools are so closely connected, some people have trouble separating the two. You can’t really have one without the other. In the case of Snap-On’s ’57 “Glomad” Chevy, we have to say we had no idea tools could look so damn good on a car.

The Glomad sports actual wrenches that make up the two-tone on the sides and the rails at the rear of the trunk — and the lug nuts on the bad-ass rims are sockets. It also comes complete with a huge, fold-out Snap-On tool system in the cave-like rear area.

We aren’t sure how much traction you’d get with those wheels, but the wheelie bars at the back suggest that the mammoth Chevy would tear down the strip if the rear rubber were more substantial.

Snap-On Tools [Corporate Site]
Glomad [Ain’t Street Legal]


3 Responses to What Do Your Tools Do In The Quarter Mile?

  1. It looks tacky and cheap. Much like the snapon bike the American Chopper team did.. Its not car building.. its talentless, predictable decoration.


  2. Jim K. says:

    I’m gonna have to go with Duncan on this one, definitely looks tacky. I sort of dig on the wheels, and the concept of the built in tool cart is OK but I keep getting that sneaking feeling that I’d be needing those tools to fix the dang thing if I ever actually fired it up. OK, since I haven’t done better I’ll shut up now. (Like my momma always said…)

  3. l_bilyk says:

    Yup.. real tacky

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