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Easy Set Router Setup Jig

Setting router bits to the correct height takes patience and plenty of test scrap pieces. To aid in this process, Sommerfeld Tools recently released two Easy-Set (EZSET) gauges: a red one with eight different Freud profiles, and a yellow version with eight different Sommerfeld profiles.

Made from a non-distorting, compressed plastic, the Easy-Set gauge works with woods between 23/32″ and 1-3/16″ thick. To use either gauge, first measure the thickness of the wood — fractional calipers work best since the Easy-Set scale is marked in 1/128″ increments. Dial in the wood thickness on the gauge. Then adjust your bit height until it exactly matches the selected profile height. Once you’ve set the height of the bit, set your fence, and test the setup on a piece of scrap.

The red Easy-Set gauge sets the height of thirteen different Freud bits: baby lock miter bits, 22-1/2° lock bits, large lock miter bits, drawer lock bits, reverse glue joint bits, glass panel cope cutters, four types of stile and rail cope cutters, and three types of raised panel bits with back cutter.

The yellow Easy Set gauge sets the height of eight different Sommerfeld bits: raised panel coping bits, reversible glue joint bits, 45° lock miter bits, drawer lock bits, glass and panel ogee coping bits, tongue and groove bits, 22-1/2° miter lock bits, and raised panel coping bits.

I had a hard time finding online information about the gauges — Sommerfeld’s website is a work in progress. It would be nice if they supplied part numbers for the bits that work with these gauges. In the meantime, if you’re interested in these gauges, you’ll pay $30 for either of the ’em — but considering the time they save, it’s money well spent.

Freud Easy-Set [Peachtree]
Sommerfeld Easy-Set [Sommerfeld]


One Response to Reduce Router Setup Time With Easy-Set Gauges

  1. flink says:

    I agree. I started using my exset last night. I’m making wall-hung cabinets for my workshop. Setting the bit height took a few minutes, but that’s only because I’d never used it before. I didn’t know there was a version for Freud. I’m going to get that, too.

    I used a sharpy to make the molded lettering that identifies the bit names more readable.

    It’s worth the money I paid to have the bits all set perfectly for the stock.

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