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When building hoses for your car or truck, the expense can add up quick. Frequent trips to the store to crimp your custom-length lines ain’t cheap, and the tools to do the crimping yourself generally aren’t cheap either. But now Earl’s — the maker of all those cool fittings used in engine and brake work — makes a custom crimping machine designed to crimp Ultra Flex hose ends onto Ultra 650 hose, which is available in many different sizes.

The machine is super portable, weighing in at 42 lbs, meaning you can loan it out to your buddies so they can crimp hoses, too — for a nominal fee, of course.

Ultra Flex Crimping Machine [Earl’s]


3 Responses to Get Your Crimp On: Earl’s Ultra Flex Crimping Machine

  1. john alford says:

    im needind a lug crimp machine. i have 1/0 nad 2/0 lugs that need crimped on to battery cable. will this machine work????

  2. hani abu hammour says:

    looking for manual hose crimping machine such as Ear;s ultra flex crimping machines

  3. reol voalvite says:

    i am interesting with your manual crimping machine how much it will cost with shipping and the machine thanks .

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