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Amana Tambour Bits

How do you make tambour doors — you know, the rolling doors in roll-top desks and appliance garages?  You could glue the slats to a cloth backing, then fish a wire through every slat to hold the tambour door together, or you could use Amana’s new bit set. With Lonnie Bird’s three carbide-tipped tambour/appliance garage door bits, you can create uniquely shaped slats that interlock.

Since each slat measures approximately 1/2″ x 1″, you should only use these bits in a table-mounted router. Use the first bit to route the top and bottom of the slats, the second to route the groove, and the 1/8″ radius bit to finish the tongue. When you’re finished milling the slats, slide the tongues into the grooves to assemble the door. The finished tambour door’s minimum bending radius is 3-1/2″.

The three piece tambour bit set doesn’t come cheap, but quality router bits never do. Budget anywhere from $170 to $200 if you’re interested in a set.

Tambour Door Bits [Amana]
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  1. Youssef Bayoumi says:

    Hello, I would like to make tambour slat for my desk. Will you help me? Which set I have to by and b whom can I buy it?

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