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First thing after purchasing a shiny new circ-saw, most guys toss the blade in favor of a higher quality rig. Talk to any framing guy or contractor, and that’ll almost always be true. Skil’s new contractor series blades might actually entice you to try a few cuts with it.

The new blades incorporate a thin-kerf design which results in a faster cut versus fat-body blades.  “J”-hook expansion slots allow the blade to dissipate heat during cutting, which helps the blade run straight and true. The anti-stick coating also reduces heat, friction, and binding, for smooth, easy cutting.

It’s not earth-shattering news, and you can certainly find other blades out there right now that fit this description — but it’s nice to know that you might not have to blow $12 on a new blade right out of the box when you purchase a new Skilsaw this year.

Skil says these will ship to stores this month, and they should be priced competitively with others in the same class.

Skil [Corporate Site]


4 Responses to Skil Expands Their Circ-Saw Blade Lineup

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Bosch, Milwaukee, and Makita actually put pretty good blades on their saws, certainly not something I would toss in the garbage.
    All the money Skil is saving by offshoring production of the 77, least they can do is throw in a carbide blade.

  2. Fred says:

    We;ve been using both Freud Diablo and Some Irwin Marathon blades in our 77’s – both seem to hold up fairly well. Considering the low cost of the Irwins – we toss them at the first sign of bad performance.

  3. PutnamEco says:

    I’ve been using a mix of blades, depending on use. Framing= Diablos or Bosches (which is probably the above blade painted differently) Had some bad luck with Irwin (lost teeth), may have to reconsider, as may have just been a bad one. Associates seem to like them.
    Tenryu and Forrest are also used. Tenryu make some nice blades for cordless.


  4. Rob [Skil Rep] says:

    PutnamEco – The Skil blades feature titanium ground carbide teeth.

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