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We love almost any tool that looks like an alien weapon. The new Hitachi DH40MRY and H45MRY hammers fit that description nicely. New this year to the Hitachi lineup, these hammer drills boast some concrete-spanking specs, even if their name does sound like a serial number for an inmate.

According to Hitachi, these new arrivals soften the impact from the hammer and rotary action via a sweet dynamic counterweight and a system of dampers in the switch handle. They also sport a 9.2A motor with 950 watts of input power and a 12-position variable lock mechanism that allows you to easily adjust the bit for an optimal working angle.

Did we mention they look sweet? No pricing info yet, but we hope they won’t be sky-high. We also hope the service life matches the good looks.

DH40MRY And H45MRY Hammers [Hitachi]


2 Responses to Preview: Hitachi’s Twin Hammers

  1. MR P says:

    I just got the Hilti
    TE 706-AVR Breaker 115 v (TPS Equipped)
    And I have been converted to Hilti. They are worth every penny.

  2. BJN says:

    I think the styling looks like ****. You guys must have grown up loving the Transformers. Sounds like Optimus Prime coveralls might go over big here.

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