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Throwing water balloons is for children.  Adults launch them, usually with a rig based on surgical tubing. But for true Toolmonger overkill, you’ll need the Balloon Bazooka: a pneumatic launcher that can loft a balloon over 300 feet — or launch up to twelve balloons at once.

A four-liter steel tank pressurized to 150 PSI provides the motive force to drive balloons down a six-foot barrel — and this is the company’s smallest model. Their “Magnum Model” features a whopping eight-foot barrel and a four-liter tank, good for flinging balloons up to 500’.  Note that you must bring your own air source. All models fill via a standard Schrader valve just like your car’s tires. You’ll also need a tire gauge, so your best solution might be a small, portable air compressor with a built-in gauge.

Pricing for the entry-level model starts around $120, and the bad-ass Magnum will set you back $220. Of course, building your own doesn’t seem all that difficult — and if you’re brave, we found numerous online instruction sets employing PVC rated to more than 200 PSI. Or you can snag a three-man tubing-type launcher for just $43.

One advantage to the tubing-type launcher: it’s a lot easier to hide during clandestine ops. You’re more likely to get in and out of target range without alerting the soon-to-be-soaked if you aren’t carrying a six-foot-long tube and air compressor. Then again, if you don’t have cronies to help, the pneumatic version might be your only option.

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4 Responses to It’s Just Cool: Balloon Bazooka

  1. rob says:

    you could adapt a paint ball air tank (3000/4500)
    to provide you the air source much smaller
    or you could build a launcher with one

  2. gernade says:

    Well, sweet… Someone will love this and I can’t wait to tell her about this. Thanks again…

  3. Charlie says:

    Another broken link, to a failed company, that made a common PVC toy, that killed someone. PVC, even pressure rated, fails with sunlight and repeated fill/empty cycles. Ozone, chemical, paint and more also make them fail unexpectedly. There are good ones with legal, hydrotested, pressure rated aluminum air chambers.

    • Jeremy says:

      It’s not made of PVC. Mine is a composite. Nobody died. They just went out of business due to low sales. Who would expect a business that makes balloon launchers to stay afloat?!

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