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An alert Toolmonger is always on the prowl for good deals, wherever they might be. Reader Brad found his latest score at the local pawn shop for super cheap. He writes:

No need for bartering with this one though. Almost brand new, I paid $10, thats no typo, ten! Some pawn shop employees have no idea what tools are worth, this is the case with this tool.

Made by Ryobi and compared to the Ryobi scroll saw, it is the exact same. Motor, molded plastic, metal parts, all the exact same.

We have to admire Brad’s killer deal instincts. Not only did he make the score, but he managed to not start laughing until he got it to the truck. Now that’s style — our hats off to you, sir!

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to It’s Just Cool: A Deal-Busting Find

  1. KG2V says:

    Not bad – I think my Emmert vise in mint condition for a $5 was a better deal…

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