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This home-brew toolbox is a quick-engineered creation of photo pool member jdifed. He says he created the entire box from leftover ply and a few bucket organizers. We love the pipe/handle that runs across the top — very steam punk.

Sure, it’s a bit heavy — ok, it’s a lot heavy — but looking at the 36″x18″x18″, we figure you can get half a shop’s worth of hand tools in that thing. And if you can lift it afterwards, you’re in good shape.

With spring on the way and Toolmongers itching to get back in the shop, be sure and post up pictures of your springtime projects — we dig ’em.

Toolmonger Photo Pool [Flickr]


One Response to From the Flickr Pool: Simple Toolbox

  1. Aaron says:

    Put some casters under that thing! If it’s heavy, minimize lifting it by just dollying it around if you’re going short distances. One of the casters should have a locking wheel so it doesn’t run away from you on a non-level surface.

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