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Before you Scots hunt me down, I want you to know I’m kidding! I’m half-Scottish myself, and I very much admire the traditional, manly garb of Scotland and other Gaelic cultures — but a traditional kilt with the multiple yards of fabric, pleats, and clan-specific patterns just isn’t for me.  However, the Workman model from Utilikilt is a different story.  This tough-as-nails garment combines the utility of a tool belt with the freedom of movement that only a kilt can provide.

Utilikilt makes the Workman out of durable, water-resistant 12-oz duck fabric, in your choice of black, brown, caramel, or natural fabric colors.  The American-made kilt features a left-side key clasp, two rear pockets, and two multi-chamber, riveted side pockets that will hold all sorts of tools, nails, or personal electronics that you might need on the jobsite.

An adjustable tool loop dubbed “The Grip” will support anything from a claw hammer to a medium-duty cordless driver. And an optional snap-closure modesty flap is included, so you won’t accidentally flash your business to the whole neighborhood while up on a ladder.

All this awesome doesn’t come cheap — the Utilikilt Workman will cost you $215, but being secure enough to wear one to work is priceless.

Utilikilts [Official Site]
The Workman [Utilikilts]
Utilikilts: Freedom [YouTube]


41 Responses to Are You Man Enough To Wear A Skirt?

  1. Toolaremia says:

    I am not man enough to wear a skirt.

  2. gillsans says:

    Any time I see some jackass wearing a Utilikilt, I have an overwhelming urge to punch them in the face. And I’m Scottish.

    Am I alone?

  3. PeterP says:

    I love my Utilikilt!

    Comfortable, and I can store just about every tool I own in the pockets. That, or an entire six pack of beer.

    Also, I have convinced the office that it falls under “business casual”.

  4. McAngryPants says:

    @gillsans whew! man up a little and get over it. I’m gonna guess you’re not a big Eddie Izzard fan. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hp69rg6Hdlo

  5. Joe Birmingham says:


  6. MacTavish says:

    O, aye, some wanker in the receiving room was wearing one of these a few months back. I always knew he was a bit of a prat, but this confirmed it.

  7. Bill Wallace says:


  8. Hamilton says:

    The utilikilt itself looks interesting, however going into the Utilikilt website is… disheartening. I’ll go with disheartening. I don’t have a use for $300 boots that don’t have a steel toe, and while “a solid metal heel” is highly, highly fashionable its never going to save me a trip to the hospital or help me kick something that desperately needs kicking. The whole thing is coated in the thin veneer of inauthenticity, Hot Topic, and 3dgy.

    Besides, I have a vague suspicion it would just be cheaper and more practical to purchase or have someone tailor up a regular man-skirt and just wear my normal tool belt along with it.

  9. Eric Dykstra says:

    Wow, i didn’t expect this sort of vitriol!

    The high price tag does put me off, however it does appear to be made of quality materials in the US which is cool but generally means higher production costs.

    Having not ever worn or owned a kilt all i can say is I think they look cool…especially if you happen to have a broad sword.

    Personally I think some of you are just bitter you don’t have the calves to pull it off! Ha!

  10. Eric Dykstra says:

    Also if anyone is handy enough with a sewing machine here’s a link to a pdf that shows how to make a “xkilt”. The document claims it takes about 30 dollars worth of materials and about 14 hours of cutting and stitching.


  11. CyberKender says:

    I’ve got a Traditional, and I like it. And before you ball up your fist, Gilsans, I can pleat and have worn a feileadh mor. (That’s a great kilt for everyone else. 🙂 No, a Utilikilt’s not a proper kilt. So? It’s not all that different than a modern kilt. anyway, save for the cultural history. Yes, it’s more of a younger-guy/club-goer/counterculture thing, but it’s cool and comfortable.

    The Workman has a lot of cool features, and I’m sure it’s up for a heck of a lot of abuse. Personally, I like the Survivor one, tho. The price tag keeps me away, tho. Thanks for the link, Eric! That will keep my temptation down. :>

  12. Chris says:

    Fourteen *hours* of cutting and stitching? Maybe it took this guy that long to lay it out and design it, but I think you could go buy a new sewing machine, bring it home, read the entire instruction manual, make the kilt, and have time left over to watch the entirety of “Braveheart” in 14 hours, unless those pleats are about 10 times more time-consuming and complicated than they seem to be.

    I’d rather just buy a big (and cheap) pair of heavy-duty work shorts myself. More practical and you don’t get the ignoramuses questioning your manhood.


  13. urb antig says:

    Oh, boys, settle down a bit. For all you ‘traditionalists’ out there, I suggest you look at the Bretons, or some Polish, Greek, and I’m sure others have all had some sort of ‘pleated’ precursor to trousers. And ‘official’ tartans? Talk to the English woolen mills, and examine the social, economic, and cultural events in an early model of ‘branding.’ And the shoes, that are oh so traditional with your registered family tartan? They became officially traditional in the mid-30s. That’s mid-1930s…

    Utilikilts in general are marketing the idea of being hip, counter-cultural, edgy, blah, blah, blah. And I wear one of their Workmans to work. And I climb ladders, crawl under sinks, get the occasional ‘zap’ while doing electrical work, everything that is involved in the maintenance of a hundred-year-old building. All done in a kilt.

    Better kilts, though still probably not what some of the insecure set would consider ‘genuine’ come from Freedom Kilts: more money, better fit, less attitude, bespoke. And great service, all from an ex US Marine, in Victoria. Imagine. Hell, he’ll even do a traditional kilt for if you have the calves, or whatever, to wear one.

    And remember, boys, I’m not dressing for you. I’m dressing for women. And they love men in kilts.

  14. Hamilton says:

    Just so we’re clear, I’m not opposed to man-skirtery. Still, this is just like the Utilikilt selection of boots: I can pay over $300 for fashion boots designed to look like tanker boots. Or I could buy actual American-Made tanker boots for half the price. For $200 I can grab one of Occidental leather’s tool belts and still have 50 bucks left over to buy the kiltiest looking skirt from the Skirt Mercantariate Emporium. I buy a Utilikilt and I have a $200 item of clothing I would be absolutely terrified of ruining on the worksite.

  15. DiscoBubba says:

    Wow! I’m suprised the opinions on here are really split pretty evenly. Well I say +1 for the Utilikilts. I bought an Original, my first kilt, a while back off their Scratch and Dent list and even tho its a “seconds” the quality is top notch! I have not regretted it since except to say now I want more! If I could afford a Workman I would gladly get one.

    Eric allready indirectly pointed out the forum (XmarkstheScot) I’d recommend to anyone interested in Kilts to check out. I guess bottom line is you either love ’em or hate ’em. Like Moxie!

  16. Eric Dykstra says:

    don’t get me started on moxie! It’s only good as an industrial solvent!

  17. Geoff K. says:

    It’s really interesting to see the “strong” opinions being voiced over this issue. Someone above said it right, Utilikilts are shooting for the counter-culture market, and at $140 for their original design, it’s certainly within reach for many. The boot issue raised above is off the mark, I think. They’re not selling work boots, they’re still shooting for the same hip, edgy, blah-blah-blah market. If you want steel-toed boots, go to a boot store, not a kilt shop…

    I own an original black Utilikilt; I got it for a costume party, and I’ve found situations since where it’s appropriate, as well. I’ve actually worn it to a couple of formal, black-tie events with a tuxedo jacket, dress shoes & knee-length socks. Trust me, it’s a big hit, a clear ice-breaker without saying a word, and without a doubt, the chicks dig it. The trick is getting the details right and being confident about the statement it makes, whatever that might be.

    It’s certainly not “traditional” but $150 is a far cry from as much as $1K for something closer to “genuine.” We all need to lighten up (some more than others) and understand that making a statement can sometimes yank others’ chains. What I’ve found is that there are places where kilts work, and those where they don’t. Just try to figure it out before showing up and having to explain why you’re a guy wearing a “skirt”…

  18. Kurt Schwind says:

    I think it looks good, seems well made and is about 80% cheaper than a traditional kilt. I’d love to have one of these. It looks as practical as any work-belt I’ve seen, only more so because it looks like it offers a bit of extra protection (at least from the knees up).

  19. MacTavish says:

    Arrgh, it’s not insecurity about one’s manliness that puts me off. It’s the “look at me, I really want your attention” factor. I’ll leave that for the birds. And if you blokes think these things look good loaded down with tools and the like, keys and crap jangling at your side, you go right ahead, wear them, and try to act like it’s not a silly costume you’re wearing just to be different. Not that there is anything wrong with *that*, it’s just a time and place sort of issue, I suppose. Frankly, all of that flouncy crap around my knees would drive me mad every time I have to bend or kneel.

    • W.R.M says:

      Or maybe some men wear these because they’re more comfortable to them then pants? Just because they grab your attention and the attention of every woman within a 5 mile radius, doesn’t mean that’s the reason the guy’s wearing it.

  20. Julian Tracy says:

    I’m not man enough to wear that. Hell no.


  21. T says:

    I’ve got one, and I’ll second what urb antig says: ladies like kilts. There’s other vendors at different price points if you think Utilikilts are too high. Don’t like it? Don’t wear it.

  22. Emery Roth says:

    I own 3 Kilts, one is a utilikilt…Also I play drums in a bagpipe band, AND I’m a theatrical carpenter/electrician. Chicks dig the kilt for sure, it takes a certain amount of confidence to pull off. I will say that at least in my size the snaps that are supposed to make it ‘ladder safe’ don’t really work, but I’m a pretty skinny guy.

  23. NotTheSharpestSpoon says:

    Why has no one mentioned the bare knee thing? I for one am a little too accident prone to go walking around a work site willy-nilly with my bare knees all exposed to every rusty nail and splintering 2 X 4 just waiting to tear my pretty delicate calf skin. No sir, just won’t do it.

  24. Dan says:

    Wow! Gillsans must be a really tough guy…either that or he is some 90lb weakling with a superman keyboard…either way I would suggest you think twice before getting pummeled by a guy in a “skirt”…

  25. Ron says:

    Wow, how’d you like to be the guy footing the ladder your kilt wearing co-worker is ascending. Hope he wore clean drawers

    • W.R.M says:

      There’s a built-in privacy flap for that very reason, something you won’t find on skirts tailored for women’s bodies.

  26. izzy says:

    interesting that people keep brining up how expensive the boots the models are wearing and say that it’s a turnoff to the Utilikilt… Utilikilts DOESN’T sell boots… at all… never have…

    I’ve seen guys wearing everything from sandals to tennis shoes to authentic combat boots to those $300 New Rock boots (that’s the brand the model is wearing)

  27. Geoff K. says:

    Yeah, Utilikilts does sell footwear:


    Not work boots, but boots nonetheless…

  28. Charles says:

    Ah, the kilt thing! “If a man wants to wear a skirt, it HAS to be a kilt” we hear this a lot with assertions also that “it’s not a skirt, it’s a kilt.” If I have an orange, I can call it an orange; BUT I can also call it a citrus fruit. Ford Mustangs are motor vehicles. See? Kilts, like it or not, admit it or not, pertain to the master category of skirt. “But” we are told, kilts are male, and for example, tutus are female. They mean to say, by association these items are reckoned male or female. Throw association OUT, friends—it’s how children reason. Women wear every trouser style there is, men can wear any skirt style; but should do so presenting as men, not as women. Indeed, the world today features many, many skirts worn by men that are not British Isles kilts—Fijians, Tongans, Tahitians, Hawaiians, Greeks, Albanians, Bhutanese, Dervishes in over a dozen Arab states; then there’s the frilly British Beefeater costume with its pleated neck ruff and “female” (i.e., decorative, shoes). Self expression is not any female monopoly, and men have motives for wearing non trouser styles other than ethnicity. See how different the Evzone costume is from the Black Watch regiment; both are well established ethnic wear. Remember to respect all cultures styles because no one gets any monopoly and says “you have to wear this style if you want variety from trousers.” Freestyle? Absolutely. Women are correct—the only rule is to present as the gender you actually are.

  29. Steve says:

    I could wear it. I agree with Charles – the key is presentation. Society has one justification for imposing restrictive fashion choices on us – it has a legitimate need to maintain separate restrooms for each gender. A man who makes himself up to be mistaken for a woman, could enter a woman’s restroom, violating women’s rights to security and privacy in their loo.

    That line is crossed when a man: shaves extra close, and wears false breasts and/or pads/stuffs a bra.

    My point is that our evolutionary physical differences are enough to present our gender to the world. So long as these are presented honestly, there is no legitimate reason for our oppressive dress code.

    The Utilikilt – and any skirt – can be worn by a man without threatening his manhood. In earlier times, skirts were very masculine – worn by soldiers even.

    Remember this line from “Gladiator”? “My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius, commander of the armies of the north, general of the Felix Legions. Loyal servant to the true Emperor, Marcus Aurelius. Father to a murdered son, husband to a murdered wife. And I will have my vengeance, in this life or the next.”

    Is that masculine enough?

    It was delivered by Russel Crowe…. in a skirt!


  30. Blake says:

    I wear a skirt everyday,to work and when im not at work.I am just the same person as if i was wearing jeans,which i dont wear but maybe once a month at most.You should try it some time,then you would know why guys like skirts.And just a FYI,women adopted the skirt from the mens wardrobe,AND it wasnt until the 1930’s or so til women wore pants when women first started wearing pants,and they had the risk of being arrest.Do a google search on the history of the skirt.Dont be afraid.And most women like to see a guy in a skirt.As of last night i was standing in line at the cash register,the was a woman behind me and she said,” i really like your skirt” i then said ” thanks”.I told her “im was tired of just wearing pants”,she then said“i dont blame you,skirts are much better”….so give it a try,you will see what i am talking about.What a guy wears,does not say what his sexual preference is……

  31. Juni says:

    Clothing does not define a person’s gender. Gender depends on who we are between our ears, determined prenatally right from the day we were conceived in our mother’s womb. Either biological sexes should be free to dress the way they desire. Men who wear dresses or skirts or makeup or cross-dresses as a hobby or even for personal fetishistic-reasons (aka Transvestites) are still essentially men regardless of clothing. There is nothing wrong with that, it is their freedom of expression and they are not hurting anyone. And as for us transsexual individuals, the wearing of feminine clothing serves nothing more than our attempt to fit in as the gender that we identify as within the gender-binary system of our society (due to sex of the brain structure being misaligned with the genitalia developed, i.e. a horrifying cruel physical genitalia birth defect).

    • W.R.M says:

      If an article of clothing is tailored to fit a man’s body, it isn’t feminine, and if an article of clothing is tailored to fit a woman’s body it isn’t masculine.

  32. Jorge says:

    very nice. extremely comfortable.

  33. Charles (January 16, 2011) said it all. I would rather wear a Utilikilt than a fustanella as worn in the Balkans. A bit too from-frou for me, although I dare say the men who wear them are tough as nails. Urb Antig was also right, when he said he was dressing for women, not for men. If you literally want to be cool and kept cool, wear a skirted garment of whatever brand – or country.

  34. Patagoniakid says:

    A Kilt IS a Skirt (see any dictionary) so call it what it is. You can immediately tell which guys replying here have never tried on a skirt!
    Having looked at skirts for decades and finally trying on a “cargo mini skirt” on a hot day I was hooked and never looked back. Most practical ting a guy can wear!

    Women skirts come in thousands of flavors and all fit men without mods so something special for men is UNnecessary. Just find a style that fits your personality like these guys: http://www.picturetrail.com/sfx/album/view/22064674 (Note they are NOT “cross dressing” trying to look like women and all look like guys just as women in pants still look like women).

    A skirt makes far more sense for a male to wear than a female due to anatomy alone. (No freekin crotch binding inseams). Men have worn skirts far longer than women throughout time and many were at mini or micro mini length for freedom of movement (far better than shorts but the sexist, homophobic, sexually insecure guys won’t know that).

    Hopefully skirts will be vogue AGAIN for men soon as an option their boring boring wardrobe of the last 150+ years. Best of all most (not all) chicks find guys in skirts intriguing. You will definitely get more action than the jocks!

  35. W.R.M says:

    A man working in a kilt is super sexy!

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