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When we sat down with the guys from Stanley, we noticed the adjustable sawhorse holding up a few tables. The coolest thing about it was that each leg was on a different plane. You can adjust the horse for uneven terrain, with up to eight inches difference between the lowest and the highest foot.

They look pretty sturdy as plastic sawhorses go. They’re sneaky, though — they don’t seem very special, until you notice they’re balancing heavy loads on uneven ground and are still as stable as a workbench. We haven’t got our hands on ’em in the shop yet, but we look forward to testing ’em out.

Street pricing starts at $50.

Adjustable Sawhorse [Stanley Tools]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


5 Responses to Stanley Adjustable Sawhorses

  1. Dustin says:

    I’ve yet to come across any of these plastic sawhorses that are any good. The main problem is that cut-offs hit the lower shelf as you cut, over time they get broken.

  2. Julian Tracy says:

    Where do you guys get your street pricing info?

    They’re $34 each at Home Depot and $69 for two at Lowes.


  3. Zathrus says:

    Julian, they get their pricing from that “Street Pricing [Google Products]” link right after the description…

    That said, the link currently goes to a product search for “Stanley Adjustable Sawhorse” which gives 1 hit for Amazon; the same item listed there is also on HomeDepot.com for the same price ($49.97).

    Unfortunately it’s the wrong product in both cases.

    What’s pictured (and discussed) is the Stanley FatMax Aluminum leg sawhorse, which is indeed $35 at Amazon and HD ea, or $70 per pair at Lowes.

    Anyway, I suppose these are useful for “field work” where you have to deal with uneven ground, but otherwise I don’t see much advantage to per-leg height adjustment in a shop or other (mostly) level area.

  4. Colin says:

    Not to be nitpicky but the horses in the pictures are the Stanley Fat Max, the legs are aluminum and are constucted quite well for a folding sawhorse, they have also been avaliable for well over a year, I think. The sawhorses in the llink are normal stanley folding and don’t look as sturdy. JT was correct in the pricing, they run about $60 – $70 a pair.

  5. Julian Tracy says:

    I just picked up a pair as my older set of HD plastic horse had finally bit the dust.

    Figured I’d get these as they actually seemed pretty well made. Say what you want about plastic horses, but nothing else works like em and weighs nothing and stores in about 2-3″ of space.

    I used my old ones for over 5 years for painting trim, temp table tops, cutting sheet goods, etc. The height adjustment feature of the new ones is something I’ll probably never use for un-even ground use, but will use every single time for setting them up at their tallest level for painting – very handy – don’t need to bend over as much as with shorter horses. And also very handy for using as a temp tablesaw outfeed as you can set them up at just the exact height needed.

    They are very sturdy and I’m playing around with the idea of making my own folding mid section with some piano hinges and 1/4″ corrugated plastic as the hinged mid-sections are the weak spot in the design.

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