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Denali Bench Top Work Stand

If you’re in the market for a cheap portable workbench, you can pick up this Denali benchtop work stand over at Amazon for $20. The bench’s steel frame and strong bamboo top will hold a hefty 60 lbs, and the whole unit weighs a reasonable 7-1/2 lbs. You can secure the workstation to most smooth surfaces with four heavy-duty suction cups.

The worktop features a protractor and ruler, in both SAE and metric units. You can insert the four included pegs into 18 available slots. You’ll have to throw another $5 worth of merch into your cart to qualify for the free shipping, which is a better value than paying the standard shipping rate.

Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


5 Responses to Dealmonger: Denali Benchtop Work Stand $20

  1. Keerthi Hiremath says:

    How about this one from Walmart for$22.00?

  2. Keerthi Hiremath says:

    How about this one from Walmart for$22.00?


  3. Jim K. says:

    @ Keerthi

    I’d stay away from that B&D model. While I’ve not personally used it I did look at it (briefly) when I was at Walmart awhile back. It seems to suffer from cheap parts and I doubt it would last very long at all. The reviews on Walmart’s site seem to support that feeling as well. Really, I wish that B&D would just either upgrade some of their products and charge a bit more for them or stop making them altogether. Last 3 B&D items I tried all went back to the store with problems or broke within the first use or two. Maybe I’ve just had bad luck,but I’m staying well clear of their product line these days.

  4. Gapsard de Coligny says:

    Also… Not a bench top…

  5. Chris Byrne says:

    I bought one at the under $20 price. It arrived today, and it seems to be a decent piece of gear for light duty work.

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