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Locating exactly where to put the nail can be tricky when you’re hanging things on the wall. Often times you put several holes in your wall before you get your picture placed where you want it. Stots created a tool that makes placement easy. The Wallsaver helps you position picture frames perfectly, especially when you’re trying to line up several pictures.

Just insert the picture’s wire or wire loop into the Wallsaver’s large safety channel, or for pictures with sawtooth bars, grab the sawtooth bar with the small hook on the front of the tool. While holding the picture with the Wallsaver, position the picture exactly where you want to hang it, then twist your wrist so the tool’s conical point makes a small depression in the wall. Drive the nail into the depression, and hang your picture.

Pick up a Wallsaver for $4 over at Toolmarts.

Wallsaver [Stots]
Wallsaver [Big Horn Corp.]
Wallsaver [Toolmarts]


4 Responses to The Wallsaver Picture-Hanging Tool

  1. PeterM says:

    I bought one of these years ago. What a great, simple tool. The only problem is that since I use it infrequently (how often do I need to hang pictures?), so finding it in the house can be tricky sometimes.

  2. Fred says:

    Here is another version:


  3. Jim K. says:

    Hmm… at $4 this seems like it could be a useful little gadget to have around. I’d probably just throw something together with a piece of flat stock and a metal screw threaded 1/2 way through the stock though.

  4. Debra Smith says:

    I am trying to find one of these. How can I locate one?

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