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During our time with Stanley today we found out they’ve added a small, 12’, high-visibility tape to their lineup. We were actually pretty stoked to see it — our choices of quality tiny tapes in the 12-foot range were pretty slim.

Picking it up, it was clear that Stanley had a good day in the design room when this was being drawn up. It’s super comfortable, super small, and super easy on the wallet at around $2.50. All the guys who would rather not lug around a boat anchor will soon be able to jump on this at the local big box.

Stanley Hand Tools [Stanley]


3 Responses to Preview: Stanley 12′ Tapes

  1. Dazrin says:

    I saw one of these tonight at a local store (Bimart). Seemed ok for what it is, but was much more expensive than you list above at $5.99. Not for me at that price. I will wait for a sale.

  2. Matt says:

    You sure the $2.50 isn’t the wholesale price…and so we should expect to see higher prices when retailers hit it with their margins…just asking.

  3. ToolFreak says:

    Stanley already makes a 12′ tape in their standard yellow color. Part # 30-485. Got mine for $1.

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