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Tajima Slant Tools

When you need to know the rise and run now, don’t calculate it — directly measure it quickly with Tajima’s slant tool. Their slant tool allows you to quickly measure, verify, or copy surface angle and pitch.

You adjust the easy-to-read angle scale with a large thumb screw on the handle. When the bubble vial reads level, you’re at the set angle. The angle scale ranges from 0 to 130° in 2° increments. The rise scale ranges from 0 to 0.8 in 0.05 increments, and above 0.8 it reads in fixed increments up to 2.0.

Tajima makes two models: the Slant 100 and the Slant AL200. They manufacture both tools from impact-resistant, heavy-gauge ABS plastic, but the AL200 also features an aluminum frame with a magnetic base.

Tajima includes conversion charts and reference graphics in the package. The Slant 100 and the Slant AL200 retail for $30 and $40 respectively, but if you look around you can find them for $20 and $30.

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6 Responses to Find Your Angle With Tajima Slant Tools

  1. Fred says:

    Tajima makes nice stuff – but slope pins and a Checkpoint Mag-Base/Level are easier (no calculations – and the pitch is perfect.


  2. It’s funny Fred, I was actually going to write about the Checkpoint slope pins because Checkpoint looks like they make real quality tools, but the I was feeling a little lazy and didn’t want to talk about the level and the base which are required to even use the slope pins. That when I found the Tajima stuff.

  3. Fred says:

    There are several inclinometers out there. The Wixey digital readout for setting table saw blades – is essentially one too – but suffers from having a very short base – so a carpenter might find it a poor choice for setting the slope of something that had surface irregularities.


    CheckPoint (Precision Designed Products Inc.) are really first rate products and we use their levels for setting stub-outs – aligning stud holes etc.

  4. Dink says:

    Tajima makes nice stuff but their tape measures are no longer made in Japan….they are made in China……I rep’d Tajima for awhile here in Texas and that was a sore point when Tajima switched over to China

  5. Ayodeji Onabanjo says:

    This Tajima SLT-100 is perfect for me as an erector and pipe fabricator. I alway get my angles and slopes right and fast

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