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We happened across the Bosch 4212 attached to a T4 gravity-rise stand at a local tool show. The marriage of massive instruments is a sight to behold — though the $1,200 combo isn’t for the faint of heart, this miter/chop saw features a degree of raw cutting power that’s truly sweet.

Our only disappointment: The guys at the show couldn’t plug it in and slide a few 2×4’s under it so we could watch it in action.

Bosch 4212L and T4 Gravity Stand [Bosch]


3 Responses to Tool Pr0n: Bosch 4212L And T4 Gravity Stand

  1. I put up some unboxing photos a few weeks ago in the Flickr pool:

  2. ExtremeFramer says:

    What’s pictured is the 5412L, not the 4212L.

  3. Brau says:

    I’ve been waiting for one of these Bosch T4 gravity stands to show up in my neck of the woods. No luck yet as they are back ordered. 🙁

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