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We stopped to chat with the Leatherman reps about the vaunted Skeletool. We had to wait about five minutes for the throng of people to complete their assault on the poor guys behind the booth, but we finally got our shot to ask the same question that everyone before us had asked — when can we have one?

The answer is soon. To be a little more accurate, the Skeletool is technically out now, but they aren’t going to be shipping more to stores just yet. Demand is through the roof, and they’re stepping up production to get the next batch in stores by May.

Skeletool CX [Leatherman]


9 Responses to Skelatool Woes Will Soon Be Over

  1. Show of hands of who would buy a redesigned and improved Vise-Grip “toolbox” Mulititool.

  2. chs says:

    While in theory, I LOVE the skeletool, in practice it leaves a bit to be desired. A friend of mine managed to pick one up, and I played with it extensively. It has way too many !#&@# holes and seams. You get caught and pinched everywhere you try to touch the damn thing! It was really annoyingly frustrating.

    That, and with all the holes and seams, it can actually be kinda hard figuring out what’s a tool that comes out, and what isn’t.

  3. Jake says:

    “Out now”?

    I ordered mine in December, and Amazon is still waiting for Leatherman to ship them a batch of them so that I can get mine.

    “Out now” is more Leatherman spin. This isn’t even Wii bad; the folks who preordered those still got theirs on time.

  4. Dane says:

    Weird. I ordered mine from Amazon about two weeks ago and got it the next day. Are they just out of the CX version?

  5. Emery says:

    Right – mine came from Amazon right away, and it was on sale for $45 (sale appears to be over now)! Amazon didn’t actually ship it – it came from AllSpareTools, so I paid around 5 bucks shipping. It’s the regular steel version, not the CX.

    I don’t have the problems with it that CHS detailed either. No pinches, and on a tool with really only 4 functions (knife, pliers, screwdriver and bottle opener) I tend to know which one I want, and just use it. All I can say is, I really like this thing, and find it worth the extra pocket space over the Leatherman Squirt P4 that I was carrying prior to buying the Skeletool.

  6. Justin says:

    I just don’t get the big deal. I have a leatherman surge which replaced a variety of Gerbers that I had previously. I didn’t get another gerber cause I could never find one with the Sheepsfoot serrated blade as well as the Remgrit blade on the same tool. To get the remgrit I had to get the combo plain/serrated blade.

    So I got the surge. But why does this do that the surge doesn?T

  7. mitch says:

    well, I for one wouldn’t pocket carry the Surge. I wont even pocket my Wave, its just too bulky. Only way to carry the larger tools is on the belt ‘Batman style’. The skeletool is so small i can carry it in any pocket to most any occasion. Its got everything i use daily and nothing i find useless (although the off-center screwdriver is pure evil for the first week of use)

  8. Zathrus says:

    It’s a heckuva lot smaller and lighter than the Surge, and cheaper. Half an inch shorter (closed), half the width (surge is 2″, skeletool is 1″), and well under half the weight.

    The list price on the Skeletool is $30 less than the Surge, but Amazon sells the Surge for only $10 more.

    Not everyone needs all the stuff on a Surge, or even a Wave. The Skeletool packs a lot of functionality into a pretty small package.

  9. dcb says:

    I wonder when the lefty version will be available.

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