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Veritas Miter Hook

Measuring miters got you on edge? This miter hook from Veritas can take the pain out of accurately measuring mitered trim. It hooks onto the miter and provides a reference point exactly even with the miter on either the inside or outside corners.

On inside corners, hardened steel pins grab the end grain, holding the hook into place. On outside corners, you wedge the miter into the miter hook. Rare-earth magnets exposed on both faces of the hook hold the tape measure in the reference slot.

Veritas machines the miter hook from high-impact ABS. For additional functionality, they also machine 1/8″ and 1/4″ ledges into the miter hook for marking trim reveals.

This little hook will set you back $15 — whether or not you can find it when you need it is another story.

Miter Hook [Veritas]
Miter Hook [Lee Valley]


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