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Whiteside Combo Bit

Whiteside Machine combines a flush trim bit and a template bit into one router bit, saving you money, time, and confusion. The two ball bearings — one on the tip and one on the shank — allow you to use this bit for cutting out templates and patterns, as well as for flush-trimming laminates and edgings.

Whiteside machines, brazes, and grinds this combination bit in the USA, from high-quality tool steel and super-tight micro-grain carbide. They precision-grind the carbide cutters at high RPMs for proper balance — and the cutters are extra-thick, so you can sharpen ’em many times.

Available in a 1/4″ shank bit with a 1″ cutting length and a 1/2″ shank bit with a 1-1/4″ cutting length, the bits run about $25 and $30 respectively.

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One Response to Combination Flush Trim/Template Router Bit

  1. Fred says:

    We’ve been hooked on Whiteside bits for some time now.
    I don’t know who pioneered compression (up-down) but the Whiteside UDFT5152 is a dandy – leaves both faces in great shape

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