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With the release of the new hardcore reality series Ax Men just around the corner — March 9th — the History Channel has released a few more videos on their site.  The videos cover the loggers themselves and reveal a little bit more about the show and the men on it.

We have high expectations for the ax-swinging men of the Pacific Northwest — we hope the show can curb some of the hunger we’ve felt since the loss of shows like Ice Road Truckers and Monster Garage, by providing us some of the grit we need. Plus, massive tree-cutting gear is cool.

Ax Men Videos [The History Channel]


4 Responses to More Videos About The Ax Men

  1. Jim K. says:

    One of the eeriest experiences I’ve had was camping out right in the middle of a working lumber operation last year over the labor day weekend. Because of the holiday there was no one around and the gear was just sitting idle everywhere. I kept getting this feeling like they were about to spring to life and start chasing me down like in Maximum Overdrive. Seriously though, it was all I could do not to try and start one of those bad *ss feller bunchers.

  2. ExtremeFramer says:

    Awesome show, but I think it would be even better having Mike Rowe do the voice-over.

  3. TL says:

    Fun show, but I was quite entertained by the map they kept using to show were these logging operations were. It’s conveniently trimmed on the right to avoid showing how close to Portland, OR they are. Less than 45 minutes from a major city isn’t exactly the middle of nowhere.

  4. Map Smart says:

    In regards to TL, who posted on March 13th, if you can travel 80 miles in less then 45 minutes on Highway 26 or 30 (both are one lane each way in Clatsop County) please tell me what you drive. These crews are from Astoria (100 miles from Portland), Veronia, and Banks, but all are logging close to each other in Clatsop County, not in the Portland area. They are not located 45 minutes from Portland, on a good day I can drive I-5 to Longview from Portland , then Highway 30 to Astoria in 1:45 minutes and thats a bit past the speed limit.

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