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Insulated ratchet

Even electricians need ratchets, but when you’re working with high-voltage, you can never be too careful. That’s why Kinpex makes both 3/8″ and 1/2″ drive insulated ratchets along with insulated extensions and sockets in both SAE and metric sizes.

Rated for 1,000V, Knipex covers these chrome vanadium ratchets with insulation that meets DIN EN/IEC 60900:2004 standards. The ratchets reverse for both clockwise and counter-clockwise operation, and they feature an extremely smooth ratcheting action.

These insulated tools don’t come cheap. Expect to pay $120 to $150 for the ratchets alone. If you want a ten-piece set including the ratchet, two extensions, and seven sockets, expect to part with $500.

Insulated Ratchet [Knipex]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


6 Responses to Knipex Insulated Ratchets

  1. Jerry says:

    Got mine at Grainger. My company has an account so we get the same discount…cost me just about $90.


  2. I really like the Snap-on ratchets. Instead of taking a normal ratchet and dipping it it Plastidip, they actually used some engineering skills to create a product that not only is less bulky, but probably safer because there’s not coating to wear off.

    I do wonder how well the composite drive head would hold up to abuse. Also notice that the insulated sockets have metal inserts.


  3. I was in Harbor Freight today and noticed that Pittsburgh has a line of composite ratchets for cheap. The 1/2″ one (94587) is about $10. There’s nothing on the package about high voltage ratings and looking up the part number on the harbor freight website gives me this message: “The Specifications for this item are not currently available online, or the item has been discontinued.”

    The center of the 1/2″ drive is metal and so is the reversing lever. I’m betting most of the interior ratcheting mechanism probably is metal too. The handle also felt pretty hefty like it had a metal core.

  4. GarageRanger says:

    Wiha also makes one. Found it at Grainger for about the same price as the Knipex model


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