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We can’t count how many times a button has popped off and/or been ripped off our favorite flannel in the shop. The Buttoneer might actually be able to help in short order, without any needle-threading.

You put a button — either a replacement or the wayward button itself — on the tip of the unit,  position it where you want it on the shirt, then squeeze the handle.  Almost instantly it attaches the button, and you don’t have to ground your favorite shirt for repairs. We’re not suggesting you start a sewing circle here, but it does look like it could save you time and help you out a bit — we’re into that.

Street pricing starts at $10.

Buttoneer [As Seen On TV]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


12 Responses to The Buttoneer Might Be Handy

  1. Hamilton says:

    A tool and patented plastic button clip in search of an actual purpose. It’s really just easier, faster, and better to sew the button back on the shirt properly. Besides, basic stitchery is like knot tying in how hideously useful it is after you learn it.

  2. Jim Nutt says:

    I think the idea here is that it’s quick and can be done whilst wearing the shirt. Whereas sewing a button back on while wearing the shirt can be a challenge at times. I agree that everybody should be able to sew on a button though (and once I sew them on, they NEVER come off again…)

  3. PutnamEco says:

    Hey, that ought to go good with my pocket fisherman and my Ginsu knives.

    Then again you could just use a pop rivet.

  4. Howard says:

    This “new” idea is about 30 years old. I used one of these in the 70s. It only had one punch instead of two. Laugh if you want, but the thing worked!

  5. Peter says:

    What a piece of crap. We had an earlier version of this when I was a kid. Nothing quit as hideous as a slinky 70s style shirt with on button attached with chunks of plastic. Real men get those hammer-together buttons from Duluth Trading…

  6. l_bilyk says:

    I think you guys are running out of tools to feature

  7. Justin says:

    My mom’s had one for years. It works, but puts the button on really tight and stiff — won’t work on anything thicker than a flannel shirt, and it’s pretty snug there.

    As for using it while wearing the shirt, I certainly don’t. Those needles are terrifying.

  8. Wild Bill says:

    We had one at home back in the late 60s. Very handy, I need to get one.

  9. Kurt Schwind says:

    My problem with these one-trick-pony type of tools is that if I bought it and I popped a button, I probably wouldn’t be able to find this. But I know I can find needle and thread fast enough.

    I kind of follow the Alton Brown rules for tools (and kitchen stuff). The only 1 trick pony allowed in my shop is a fire extinguisher.

  10. Bryan Brown says:

    I’ve got one and it sucks, nuff said

  11. buttoneer says:

    I used the buttoneer. I think it can be quite handy in a pinch…

  12. Juarez says:

    Muito bom. Comprei um em 1996, uso até hoje.

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