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Steck designed these EZPull pliers to do big-time pulling on a ride that has some big-time damage. The wide jaws on these locking pliers can firmly grip one area or grab hold of a few pins to straighten out bodywork.

The ring and chain may look out of place at first — but they allow you to grab hold and pull on the clamped-down pliers in whichever direction you need to, to straighten out that mangled metal.

Though it’s just one of many tools needed to get straight bodywork, we welcome anything that helps.

Street pricing starts at $40.

EZPull Pliers [Steck]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


One Response to Steck’s EZPull Pliers

  1. Fred says:

    I use a slide hammer puller for odd jobs around construction sites.
    (Carpenters and Plumbers have use of Auto Tools Too!)
    My Morgan puller has a gizmo on the end that locks onto a vise grips — very handy.


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