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Ultra-Bright 130 LED Rechargeable Cordless Work Flood Light with Stand

The light-emitting diode — low-powered, long-lasting, bright, and cool — makes the perfect bulb for a work light.

Toolsale.com is selling this Tooluxe 130-LED, rechargeable, cordless floodlight with stand for $48. The 130 pure-white LEDs, rated to 100,000-hours, run off of a 7.2V lithium battery. The battery will last 3-1/2 hours after each charge from either the included 12V DC charger or a 110V AC charger.

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4 Responses to Dealmonger: 130-LED Rechargeable Cordless Work Light $48

  1. Mark says:

    Very cool. Won’t get hot either. It would be nice if I could plug some of my Li battery packs from cordless tools into these. Maybe someone could make adapters for different tool manufacturers and battery form factors?

  2. Clinton says:

    2000 mAh battery and it claims to run 3.5 hrs. It’s likely pretty bright for a battery-powered lamp but any cheap plug-in halogen work light will totally dominate it.
    Reviews on Amazon seem to say that it works more like a wide spotlight than a flood lamp. Interesting but I’ll pass.

  3. Vasu says:

    Can we have in 120V,60Hz with out battery?

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