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Green Oil

With lawn and garden season fast approaching, it’s time to fire up the garden polluters, and by that I mean the tools powered by two-stroke engines. Luckily, Green Earth Technology has developed its new line of Green Oil, a “Green alternative” to your regular motor oil. Green Earth Technology makes their G-Oils from American-grown base oil that’s “enhanced with the power of nanotechnology and dehydrogenation”.

G-Oil contains bio-additives such as amino acids, plant and vegetable extracts, non-ionic surfactants, and plant-based fatty acids in a base of colloidal micelles. It all adds up to produce a range of oils that’ll work in anything from your lawn mower to your heavy-duty turbocharged and super-charged diesel.

The oil’s packaged in 100%-recyclable containers with biodegradable labels and inks. And when it’s time to change your oil, you can dispose of the G-Oil by mixing it with Green Earth Technology’s “G-DISPOSOIL” — it converts the oil into soil, making the oil 100% biodegradable.

G-Oil two-cycle engine oil meets and exceeds the motorcycle API TC and the Husqvarna chain saw requirements. G-Oil’s 365-degree flashpoint makes it considerably safer, and its no-smoke formula doesn’t utilize any solvents to increase the gasoline miscibility.

G-Oil automotive oil comes in several weights: 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30, 10w-40, 15w-40, 20w-50, and SAE-30. The oil will work in engines that require API Service SJ, SL, SM/CD, CDI, CE, CF, CF-2, CF-4, CG-4, CH-4, CI-4, CL-4 Plus, and ACEA E2-96, E5-02 Issue2/B3-98/A3-98.

You can use G-Oil Marine TC-W3 engine oil in your outboard engine or your personal watercraft’s two-cycle engine. It passes the National Marine Manufacturers Association two-cycle engine oil certification tests, and it meets or exceeds the requirements for high-performance air-cooled engines.

G-Oil [Green Earth Technology]


11 Responses to G-Oil: Biodegradable, Environmentally Safe Motor Oils

  1. Nordmann says:

    But where can I buy this oil?

    And wouldn’t the used motor oil have plenty of old dino oil left over from the previous oil change, more than you want to use as dirt?

  2. robdew says:

    Until you can buy it this product isn’t oil, it’s vapor.

  3. Eric G. says:

    why on earth would I trust this in my car? Until I see hard data on how this holds up in real engines, no way would this go in my motor. not to mention, how are they getting around adding things like molybdenum and other metal-based anti-wear components that they add to regular oil.

  4. Zathrus says:

    Ok, ignoring the vaporware status of the product — Eric G., who ever said ANYTHING about using this in your car? Unless you have some Soviet-era East German or Russian clunker, I doubt your car is 2-cylinder, which is all that this oil is (allegedly) designed for.

    As for discarding the used oil w/ their add-in product to make it degradable — note that it only makes their oil degradable. It’s not going to do anything for the crap that’s in the oil that made you replace it in the first place; and even if you’d used this stuff from the very beginning (meaning no petroleum or synthetic oil mixed in), I doubt you’d want to use it in your flower beds because of all the other gunk floating in the oil now.

  5. Andy says:

    Beg to differ, they show both 2-CYCLE and MOTOR OIL above… Who ever said anything about using it in your 2-cylinder!?!

  6. Jake Strait says:

    Better to just take your used oil to a place to be recycled. http://earth911.org/

  7. Kelley Nelson says:

    Stihl’s top of the line 2-stroke oil is also billed as being biodegradable.


  8. BadBob says:

    It’s all biodegradable. However, some of it takes longer to break down,

  9. cedar says:

    I don’t give a damn about whether an oil “biodegrades” at any point before it is burned in an engine. What I care about is whether the oil is nonpolluting. That’s what i’m looking for: an alternative to petroleum-based or “synthetic” oils for my 2-stroke scooter. Both of these pollute when burned.

  10. Marcus says:

    The 2 cycle oils work extremely well in my Stihl chainsaw and trimmer, nice that they’re smokeless too. If I spill some oil on the ground it’s no big deal either, especially the bar oil.

    I also use the G Oil 5W30 in my car. It works great! Its a 96 Nissan Maxima with over 150k miles. I’ve been using it for months now.

    This stuff is the real deal. They’re using it in a race car in the American Le Mans Series (it’s also the official motor oil) and the car is winning races…

  11. Nate says:

    “I don’t give a damn about whether an oil “biodegrades” at any point before it is burned in an engine. What I care about is whether the oil is nonpolluting. That’s what i’m looking for: an alternative to petroleum-based or “synthetic” oils for my 2-stroke scooter. Both of these pollute when burned.”

    Are you SERIOUS? if you care that much about pollution you will throw the 2 cycle scooter in the trash, or atleast get one with a catalyst. The scooter just sitting there with a full tank of gas is pollution due to hydrocarbon emission.

    Back to reality. the nice fact of g oil 2 stroke oil is it massively surpasses common dino oil 2stroke oil in specifications. meaning what? an engine that either lasts longer, runs better, or you can extract more power out of safely.

    the added benefit? G-Oil is using renewable resources (cow fat trimmings) and keeping that stuff from becoming a cesspool of desease and bacteria in a pond somewhere. What else does it do? It prevents oil spilled from some clumbsy boob from killing plants or polluting our water ways. Anyone with a 2 stroke outboard running this stuff is HELPING the enviroment. Good running 2 strokes dont burn the oil, it just passes through as a full loss lubrication. this lubrication gets pumped into our water ways, and if its dino oil it coats everything. (spend a day at the docks and ask yourself where that oil film on your hull is coming from).

    I for one will be using G-Oil in my terribly polluting jetski, letting me get more horsepower out of it (by running hotter), better fuel economy out of it (by running hotter) and better for the enviroment with cleaner combustion (by running hotter). how? i can tune the engine to higher levels and take advantage of the superior flashpoint and lubrication provided via G-Oil.

    G- oil cant transform a jetski or scooter into a mr fusion powered trash eating machine, but it CAN stop alot of problems and help that scooter or jetski run more economically and ecologically.

    please people take a look at G-Oil’s website and read alot about the 2stroke stuff… the 4 stroke oils are nice but the 2stroke oils will make the biggest impact in our enviroment!

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