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Drywall Hammer Cutter

When cutting, drywall saws extend into the wall cavity where they can nick or sever wires hiding behind the cutout. To prevent damaging hidden wires, Platinum Tools manufactures the Drywall Hammer Cutter. It cuts precise holes, only penetrating as deep as the drywall, to ensure the safety of wires and whatever else lurks behind the wall. As a bonus, the tool leaves a lot less mess than a drywall saw.

To use the drywall hammer cutter, lay out the area you plan to remove, and set the depth of the tool to one of the six metric blade depths that closely matches the drywall thickness. Place the blade where you want it to enter the drywall and tap the back of the tool with a hammer until the tool face is flush with the wall. Tap the top of the tool until you’ve completed the cut. Repeat until you’ve made all the cuts.

Look to pay about $25 for this drywall cutter. Even though it comes with three stainless steel blades in the handle, you’ll probably want to spend an extra $5 for a couple more replacement blades while you’re at it.

Drywall Hammer Cutter [Platinum Tools]
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3 Responses to Cut Drywall Neatly Without Damaging Hidden Wires

  1. Mark says:

    Looks like you can also do some scoring with this?

  2. Bob the drywall guy says:

    Might be an interesting way to score drywall, I’m not sure whether it would make freehanding straight cuts easier or not… however, if you’re going to layout the box on your sheet of drywall, then cut it out before you install the sheet…. with a drywall saw..

  3. Brandon Monroy says:

    i want to have infonformation of the Drywall knive, please contact me for pricing and shipping

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