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Which would you rather have: a close-quarter ratchet, or a right-angle drill attachment? Well, thanks to Black & Decker, you never have to make that hard choice. They’ve created the Tri-Ratchet to end this age-old problem you didn’t know you had.

One of the few unpowered hand tools Black & Decker offers, the Tri-Ratchet is a 3/8 ratchet with a very big handle. Though you can use it like a plain ratchet, the Tri-Ratchet becomes unique when you can’t swing the handle. In that situation, you can twist the big handle like a screwdriver to drive the ratchet on the end, so you don’t have to swing on the ratchet to keep turning.

Also, you can remove the handle to reveal a hex shaft sticking out of the ratchet end. When you chuck that hex shaft into a drill, you’ve got a right-angle attachment driver. You can also convert it, with the included accessories, to drive hex bits.


This tool could come in handy in tight situations. You can pick up a Tri-Ratchet with accessories for $25.

Tri-Ratchet[Black & Decker]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
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6 Responses to Black & Decker Tri-Ratchet

  1. Jim Nutt says:

    I picked up one of these a few months ago because it looked interesting and useful. Interesting, yes, useful, not so much. I had mine for about three days when the mechanism jammed and rendered the tool useless. It’s a great concept, but the execution seems to be a bit off.

  2. Eric says:

    I’m right there with you, Jim. I thought it looked interesting, and I really liked the idea of a twist handle to drive in close quarters. And it worked fine on some light work. But as soon as I put a load on it, the mechanism jammed and it was useless. I ended up buying a Husky version of the same thing, although the socket head does not come out of the handle on the Husky version (but the handle still has the twist feature). The Husky costs a little more, but at least IT is still working.

  3. Josh says:

    I Have the Stanley Rotator, same as the Husky, in fact the Husky is made by Stanley. I like it and look at the B&D version after I bough mine. Looks like unique concept, but the execution might fail

  4. Rob says:

    3rd vote for interesting but in real life doesn’t perform as well as you might hope. I bought this hoping to use the right angle drill capability to hang some mini blinds on a window which was behind a soffet and would not allow a full size drill. It was basically worthless & I couldn’t drill small holes in MDF trim.

    I then found a pretty cheap right angle adapter at harbor freight which did the job without being as cool looking or interesting.

  5. eschoendorff says:

    Glad to see the comments. I was wondering how well the tool actually held up….

  6. bowdesnki says:

    Got one for a gift, but have not put to a real rest. It seems clunky.
    One drill bit broke on second piece of WOOD. Suggest avoiding

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