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Seal Pro Paint Tray

If you hate cleaning up between coats, or if the thought of disposable trays and rollers turns you green, then the SealPro might interest you. This sealable roller tray will keep your paint and roller from drying out for weeks.

The SealPro tray holds up to a gallon of paint, so you spend more time rolling and less time refilling the tray. An integrated magnet on the side of the tray holds a ferrous-ferruled brush, keeping it handy for cutting in. For those moments when you just have to stop painting for a few minutes, the tray lid also doubles as a roller holder.

When it comes time for storage, the roller sits in a special holder inside the tray. To keep both the paint and roller fresh, the SealPro top displaces 95% of the air in the tray and creates an airtight seal.

The SealPro runs about $30 at Amazon. Though it’s a little expensive for a roller tray, it might be worth the ability to start and stop painting without a lot of fuss.

SealPro [Corporate Site]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


7 Responses to SealPro Paint Tray

  1. Jason says:

    Ummm — I’ve always used saran wrap (and now Press-n-Seal wrap) to do the same thing, which is *way* less expensive and way more useful. Just wrap your roller in a short bit of wrap, then put a layer over your tray and stick it down to the edges, and you’re all set; I’ve come back to painting projects a few days later and had no problem starting right back where I left off.

    To me, $30 for this is about $28 too expensive.

  2. Keith Melton says:

    I too use the saran wrap for short term and I use my vacuum sealer for longer term.

  3. Bekka says:

    I agree that you can store the tray and roller in saran wrap, but a tray that holds a gallon of paint is just so handy. I would love that when painting a large space.

  4. Pete says:

    They have this exact same tray at Harbor Freight for 11.99. I bought two of them. very handy indeed.

  5. S. L. Stevens says:

    Thanks for the tip on Harbor Freight. I bought three for $7.99 each. Same features, still holds a gallon of paint, and you can buy three for the cost of one SealPro. And…. it looks just like the SealPro…. hmmmmm 🙂

  6. Ben says:

    I was looking on Harbor Freight’s website but didn’t see anything like this on there. I wonder if they have it in the store but not on the site. It is a shame that these can only be purchased on Amazon.com.

  7. I’ve been searching all over for this information. Luckily I just noticed this in Bing.

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