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Veritas Surface Clamp

Most woodworking workbenches make some provision for bench dogs — and if they don’t, a few minutes with a 3/4″ drill bit can fix that oversight.  You can use the holes not only for bench dogs, but also for hold-downs and other specialized clamps, such as this very well thought-out and elegant clamp from Veritas.

You can clamp materials as thick as 3-3/4″ with this brass, steel, and anodized aluminum clamp. A brass knob on the top of the clamp post controls the simple wedging mechanism, which makes inserting and removing the clamp quick and easy.

After securing the clamp, you can adjust the clamping arm in two ways. For coarser adjustments, tilt the arm towards the table, slide it up or down the post, then lock it by moving it back. The design ensures that it’ll lock under pressure. For finer control, turn the threaded clamping stem.

Veritas Surface Clamp Diagrams

I just can’t see spending $70 for a single surface clamp; $35 a pair would be more reasonable. It’s hard to justify spending that kind of money when you could duplicate the setup in the picture with a couple of quick-clamps — though it wouldn’t look nearly as pretty.

Surface Clamp [Veritas/Lee Valley]


2 Responses to Tool Pr0n: Veritas Surface Clamp

  1. Fred says:

    These look like an elegant step up from my old Record/Marples bench holfasts – but they have less reach. The issue with the Rcord device was that you needed to install a a number of cast fistures in the benchtop – not just dog holes.

    I’ve also heard good things about holdfasts from Tools for Working Wood that you just tap in.

  2. Josh says:

    Those look nice and I am sure they are at that price. I use the cheaper Harbor Freight Solution 9.42 for a pk of 2.


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