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If you’re in St. Paul, MN this coming Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, check out the WoodWorking Show. Tool manufacturers, woodworking publishers, and local businesses will be exhibiting their stuff at the RiverCentre. Every half hour you can catch a different seminar, with topics such as hand plane use and HVLP finishing. Admission is $6 for the day, but you can get a coupon for $2 admission at the website.

St. Paul, MN Show Feb. 29 – Mar. 2 [WoodWorking Show]


4 Responses to St. Paul Woodworking Show This Weekend

  1. I think you meant $2 off the admission price.

    Is anybody in the area going this weekend? I’m waffling on whether I should go or actually get something done this weekend.

  2. Kyle says:

    I went to the Milwaukee show last weekend. It was pretty good, but don’t go expecting fabulous deals. The only exception to this I saw was the Ridgid tent. They were selling refurb equipment pretty doggone cheap. The rest of the vendors were selling things at internet prices for the most part. I cought Delta’s Jointer/Planer seminar….. it was actually pretty good. Glad I went for that reason alone.

  3. Kurt Schwind says:

    I went to the St. Louis show a few weeks ago. I really enjoyed it. There were some deals, but mostly it was worth it for all the demonstrations.

    I’ll be going back next year. It’s a LOT of stuff to see (but probably not more than a single days worth).

  4. Dave says:

    I thought it said “Wood Wonking.” Sounds like my kind of career.

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