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If you watch the History Channel at all you’re going to run across things like the Lumb-R Grip hanger. Basically, you slide it over some exposed timber, give it a quick yank, and it grips the timber in two places.  The system claims each hook can carry a 200 lb load.  Street pricing is about $5 a pair.

We don’t doubt that the hook will hold once installed or that it’ll carry a heavy payload.  Our question is, why would you do that when there are much better and cheaper ways to mount hangers on your wall that hold more weight?

What do you think?  Are we just too old and stodgy?  Is this the next revolution in storage?  Let us know in comments.

Lumb-R Grip [As Seen On TV]
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8 Responses to Hot or Not? Lumb-R Grip

  1. Matt says:


    I receieved these from a crazy grandma-in-law a few years ago – I think they came from QVC – and I love them. Currently I have two bikes, extension cords, weed wacker, leaf blower…come to think about it, almost everything in my garage is hung with these. They are so easy to install and look fine hanging there. Sure you can use the screw-in flavors with all the drilling and screwing but these take no more than a second to hang.

    The only issue is they do leave permament marks in the wood so I haven’t moved them around a lot, but man, do they work.


  2. modernman says:

    Cold. They’re OK but the minute you put even the smallest amount of upward force they fall off the beam. I hung a pretty big garden hose off of one and if I bumped into it the hose came crashing down.

  3. James says:

    I stopped using these in rafters in my last house’s garage (a rental) when I saw that not only were they marking the wood (a given) but they were also tearing out the grain. They weren’t holding that much weight, probably less than the dumbells pictured in this entry. Maybe the rafters were old and dried out but it looked like more damage than I had bargained for.

  4. TL says:


    These sort of friction hanging devices are a horrible idea if you live in an earthquake zone. One minor roller and everything will fall down, usually on something far more expensive.

  5. jeremiah says:

    i use them for temporarily hanging stuff in the garage, like hanging temporary doweling for hanging clothes up at yard sales. I leave a 10lb exersize weight hanging from each of them so bumps and the sideways pull of savage shoppers (yes, savage) don’t send them to the floor. 10lbs seems to be enough to keep them in place.

    Their strength is definitely unidirectional, but for a quick and temporary hook, they’re awesome.

    These hooks are the hangiest.

  6. kif says:

    Not. Looks too much like a BM (Billy Mays) solution. If you have stuff to hang in your rafters, you almost certainly also have a drill, bit, opposable thumb, and means to obtain a $0.69 vinyl coated hook. And as far as renting goes, if the worse you do is put a few holes in some exposed rafters, most landlords will feel lucky. And the next tenant won’t have to drill the hole.

    But if you like these, then you probably suction cup everything to the wall, bungee ladders to your bare car roof, and fill body dents with play-doh.

  7. aaron says:

    kif, modernman, etc. pretty much ROTM there.

  8. Eugene says:

    I bought some of these and promptly returned them. It ripped loose and broke the wood where I attached it two the two x four.

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