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If you’ve ever tried to strip Teflon- or Radox-shielded cable with a regular pair of snips, you know it can take a while and be super messy by the time you’re done. You can strip that insulation off faster and much more accurately with the double guillotine method. Knipex has adopted that method for their new universal insulation strippers — and, following the lead of razors like the Mach 4, they’ve added blades.

Just the normal two cutting blades wasn’t enough for Knipex — they decided that what we really needed was two blades spaced apart both on the top and bottom to cut a huge swath out of the shielding without harming the wire inside. The jaws open automatically after the stripping procedure, and all four blades are replaceable.

It looks pretty handy at first glance. We say anything that helps strip wire better and faster can’t be a bad thing.

Universal Insulation Strippers [Knipex]


5 Responses to New Universal Insulation Strippers From Knipex

  1. Stripping Teflon shielded wire is a pain, but $170 a pair is a bit much. I know a good pair of strippers can cost that much, but how ’bout something for the DIY’er.

  2. Renoun says:

    I really like this automatic wire stripper. imported by Ancor. I believe that the one I had was made by a reputable German company and rebranded. You should be able to get them for around $50.


  3. Fred says:

    139 at Chads – but still probably worth it only if you do a lot of fixture wiring – with teflon insulation.


  4. techguy688 says:

    IRWIN has a new self adjusting wire stripper for around $19.99 at Lowes for the occasional DIYer. I bought one, it works good so far. I dont know how long it will last. It does have a nice adjustable stopper for specific wire lengths. I dont think it would work on teflon very well, have ot tried it yet


  5. Adrian says:

    Grainger has both the Knipex and IRWIN.


    With my company discount, they were about $16.50 and working great so far…

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