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Dowel Centers

If you only occasionally use dowel joinery and don’t want to purchase and store yet another jig, dowel centers will give you accurate results for a fraction of the cost. They’re designed to be inserted into dowel holes to transfer the center of the hole to the mating piece.

Made from nickel-plated steel, this set from General Tools comes with two dowel centers for each of the following hole sizes: 1/4”, 5/16”, 3/8”, and 1/2”. For $5 to $6 a set, they’ll do the job until you decide you really do need that dowelling jig.

Dowel Centers [General Tools]
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One Response to Dowel Joinery On The Cheap With Dowel Centers

  1. Fred says:

    These are like miniature transfer or spotting punches that can be had in sets out of the Grizzly Tool Catalog and lots of other machine tool sources. The work good to transfer the center for a made hole to a mark on another piece. Ther are not precise enough for doweling – especially when you want 2 or more dowel holes to line-up perfectly and the wood surfaces to be dead-on flat. The same is true for some cheap doweling jigs (Old Stanley, Newer General Tools, Grizzly etc.) Dowels have been around for many many years and old journeymen cabinetmakers took the time to precisely line them up, fit the parts together and then plane everything to correct for any imperfections that showed up in slightly mismated parts.

    If your serious about using dowels in making furniture, try a Dowelmax


    Absolutely the only thing wrong with it is the price.

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