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Bevel Gauge

By sight, most people can’t tell a 20° angle from a 22-1/2° angle or even a 25° angle, but guessing incorrectly can lead to a tool that no longer cuts well.  With a bevel gauge like this one from Richard Kell, you can make sure you’re honing your blade at the correct angle.  Don’t confuse this bevel gauge with the adjustable or sliding bevel gauge — only this bevel gauge takes the guesswork out of checking angles.

Made in merry old England, this 2″ disk gauges twelve common angles between 15° to 120°. Although it’s made from solid brass, the round relief in the angle slots help prevent damage to a honed edge. The round hole under the 120° gauge accepts a lanyard or key chain, so you can keep the tool handy when you need it.

Expect to pay about $8 for this bevel gauge — but you’ll know for sure that you’re honing the right angle.

Bevel Gauge [Richard Kell]
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2 Responses to Bevel Gauge Ensures You’ve Got The Right Angle

  1. Frank Townend says:

    Just got mine the other day. Very nicely made, as with all of Mr. Kell’s products. Visiting his site reminded me of the “old-time” tool makers. He even enlists his wife Christine to handle the product packaging, which is made from his own tooling.

  2. Fred says:

    While I do mostly GC – Plumbing – Finish Carpentry work – I like woodworking as a hobby. On a jobsite I’m mostly power tools – including several power planes (PC 126’s for door hanging and a Makita 1806B – 6.5 inch for cutting down double joists. But in the wood shop – after the table saw and jointer – the finish work is with hand planes.
    I bought this Kell gage in 2000 for about $8 – and it was a great purchase – use it a lot to calibrate my eyes when sharpening.

    There is another version that I saw at Woodcraft (#147765) that bears the Pinnacle Brand – and has a varaible angle arangement – but over 3x the cost. This may be an exclusive to Woodcraft – but other Pinnacle Brand tools seem to be the same as those offered at Woodpeckers:


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