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Rousseau 2850 Shop Style Miter Saw Stand Kit

Throw away the apple crate and cardboard box, and get yourself a Rousseau 2850 miter saw stand kit — ok, maybe that’s just my workshop setup. At 39″ tall, it stands at a comfortable working height for the average user. The large 19″x31″ platform will support all sizes of miter saws and planers, and easy fold-down wings give support for long lengths of lumber. Two larger storage shelves hold your accessories.

The Dynamite Tool Company has the lowest listing at $95. Amazon sells it for a few bucks more, but they’re offering free shipping.

Miter Stand [Rousseau]
Rousseau 2850 [Dynamite Tool Co.]
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Via Amazon [What’s This?]


3 Responses to Dealmonger: Rousseau Miter Saw Stand Kit $95

  1. PutnamEco says:

    Rousseau make some great stuff. Like their portable table saw set up (Portamax), but I think I’ll stick with the AD&E sawhelper for my mitersaw station. Or Trojans workcenter for framing and other rough work.


  2. Julian Tracy says:

    This is a decent stand, but not worth $100 IMO. Amazon had em for $53 shipped for a short time a few months ago, and I’d say it was worth that much.

    Unlike Most of Rousseau’s products, this is made in China. It’s pretty lightweight, but when assembled – pretty sturdy.

    I bought mine for my planer, but the wings setup will not work with my Ridgid 13″ planer dimensions. They sell a modified wings hardware kit for long bed planers, but it still wouldn’t work with the ridgid cause of the length.

    I now use it for my Dewalt 12″ slider in my basement.

    I use the Dewalt folding miter saw stand in the field, but this suffices for the basement use.

    Better stands out there for $100.


  3. Julian Tracy says:

    It should be noted in your posting that it does not come with the wood for the shelving – only the black metal pcs and the hardware.


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