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3-in-1 Retriever Tool

Toolmonger has covered both flexible claw pickup tools and lighted magnetic pickup tools, but Neiko Tools makes a pickup tool that can retrieve items either magnetically or by using a claw. In situations where the magnetic retrieval won’t work, like an object in a metal box or a non-ferrous object, you can unscrew the magnetic head (unfortunately taking the light with it) and expose the retractable claw tip.

The three-in-one retriever tool measures 23″ long, and 12-3/4″ of that length is flexible. The magnetic tip can lift objects up to three lbs. A built-in LED helps you find objects lost in dark areas. The retriever tool runs about $9, which includes the three AG13 batteries needed to operate the light.
Flex Grabber [Neiko]
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