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Mowing the lawn is about as exciting to me as watching it grow. Some folks are wired to savor the earthy enjoyment of a well-manicured lawn that’s carefully cultivated by its loving homeowner.  I’m not that guy.  I hate yard work.  That said, with a mower like the F1, I could change my view on the subject.

The article on Slipperybrick says the F1 will bring the neighbors to your yard to help mow. I say screw ‘em — they didn’t want to help when it was crappy, so why let ’em help when you’re setting up your very own Backyard 400?

Of course, this isn’t really available anywhere we can find yet — but if it was, we’d look into it before buying a boring-ass model from the local big box.

F1 Lawn Mower Makes Lawn Care Fun Again [Slipperybrick]


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