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The latest Craftsman Club flyer, out this week, contains a load of slashed pricing on goodies like the C3 Cordless System. We have a few products from the C3 line in the Toolmonger shop, and we’ve always liked ’em.

For those of you who might need a good portable light, they’re selling the 19.2V work light for only $10, and a two-pack of 19.2V batteries is $50. Granted, the batteries aren’t much of a sale, but having that light handy is sweet. We’ve beat the living tar out of the one we have in the shop — it’s a great unit.

Craftsman Club [Sears]


7 Responses to New Craftsman Club Flyer Is Out

  1. Zeek says:

    If you look at the comments on the Sears site regarding the light, most say it’s a good light, but the bulb is constantly burning out.

  2. Stuart says:

    Pst… Don’t forget that there’s a $10 off $50 Craftsman tool purchase coupon at the back of their new calendar.


  3. Brad Justinen says:


    These tools are made by TTI who makes Ryobi. Compare most of these tools to the Ryobi One+ Tools. With a little research you will see that most of the Craftsman and Ryobi tools come from the exact same plastic molds (seriously folks). the 19.2v is a marketing scheme and provides no real advantage to 18v. Ryobi offers more tools (minus the fluorescent light and AM band on the portable radio), a lithium upgrade kit, and are cheaper.

    I will post a comparison photo to the toolmonger flickr pool for you deniers.

  4. Norton155 says:

    I’ve had the 18v Cman light just like that one for about four years. Comes in very handy when I’m on my back under the car. I use it about once or twice a month and have only replaced the bulb once. The heavy battery base seems to be very stable and the adjustable head makes it very easy to get the light where you need it. For $10 I would recommend it.

  5. ToolFreak says:

    The Craftsman Club deals used to be good years ago, but now they’re pathetic. The “member price” is higher than the regular sale prices. They just cut the sale price during the club flyer days and then make it seem like the extra percent off is a good deal. You’re better off waiting for a real sale price on most stuff, though the $10 off $50 coupon does make the deals sweeter.

  6. SonofLee says:

    The light is great most of the time, but I have managed to burn out about 5 bulbs in the past year. A couple of those times, it was completely my fault – but sometimes a really insignificant tap will blow the bulb out immediately. The bulbs are pretty hard to find, too.

  7. Mike says:

    This light is excellent. Hands Down, it really is that good. The price is OUTSTANDING too…..$10. It was selling for $14.99 when it was on sale with reg price at $19.99 as recently as 2 months ago, now they knocked another 5 bucks off sale price making it an excellent value(price of $9.99 is not just craftsman club price only….just wait for next sale weekend and it is $9.99 for everyone.
    The downside is the light bulb situation. I have only had 1 bulb stop working after being bumped that really should not have been an issue. Conversely, I have also knocked the light off the hood of my truck straight to cement garage floor, after the first bounce the light winked out but when i picked it up the light came right back when i clicked it “ON”…..a few other similar mishaps have not knocked the tough little illuminator out either. I have had bulbs burn out after a year or two as light bulbs do and replacing the bulbs is where the problem arises.
    The bulbs have been IMPOSSIBLE for me to find!!! By impossible, I mean 5 different retailers(besides Sears), 3 different Sears stores, Osh(also craftsman distributer store), Sears website, Sears website tool forum, This website comments, Google bulb model with hits…well you get the idea! I did this about 3 months ago when i needed a new bulb and was only able to get my light working again by taking the entire flashlight down to sears and telling them that since no bulbs were available I wanted them to replace the entire light with a new one….the manager didn’t even blink. He said. “ok, thats fine just go back and grab one and bring it back up for the exchange”, I was so ready to argue and determined to win that I almost fell over when he didn’t question what I wanted! Probably not something to count on as being company policy but I do believe that Sears’ customer service attitude will overcome the light bulb replacement issues so I definetly recommend this deal.

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