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Bosch FL10

Bosch has added a new halogen shop light to its line of 10.8V lithium-ion tools. Back in June we had Bosch’s ear, and we asked Toolmonger readers what you’d like to see in this line of compact yet powerful tools — Big Brother Bob seems to have listened. A compact light ranked high on the wish-list; now that we’ve got one, we have eight more tools to look forward to in 2008.

The FL10 compact halogen light features a six-position neck and an adjustable-focus beam. The 10V batteries give it some heft. You can buy the light at Amazon for about $15 without a battery. Also, some stores are offering it as a freebie when you buy the Bosch PS20-2 pocket driver kit.

With a free light and the promise of eight new tools this year, this might be the time to go out and get yourself a new toy.

Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


13 Responses to Bosch Adds A Shoplight To The 10.8V Line

  1. Joe says:

    So what are the eight new tools?

  2. Peretz says:

    I read some reviews on it and it has a small base and tips or falls. When it falls the bulb goes out. I dropped my Makita a about 20ft and it was still working.

  3. Marcus says:

    Yeah, so what are the new tools?

  4. tooldork says:

    Product ideas were generated in the post referenced in the text. See:

  5. Joe says:

    I was part of the original discussion – do you know if are they picking up some, all, or none of those suggestions? I’m guessing they’ve been soliciting suggestions from elsewhere as well.

  6. Guy says:

    Very disappointing. No question this should be an LED light. No filament to break when they fall. Last amost forever. Way more efficient that an incandecent bulb.

  7. bc says:

    Great news! I have been hoping they come out w. a saw. I would buy this as soon as I saw it. Their new LED light looks awesome. Belt Clip! It’s the simple things…

  8. KevinB says:

    looks nice, but is the bottom flat lengthwise? It doesnt look like it can be placed on it’s battery and stay upright.

  9. erik says:

    The light described can be found on eBay for pretty cheap. But the LED version of this light, available in Europe, CAN NOT be found in the US. Here are some pics:


  10. joe says:

    Where do you get a new lamp for the 10.8v flashlight???????? i’ve used both already. HELP!!!!

  11. gnufist says:

    So what are the eight new tools? give us a hint if you know 🙂 or when do you think we could expect to see some of them?

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