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AS160 Brick and Mortar Saw

Need a square hole in a brick wall? You can try to cut it with a circular saw, but what are you going to do about the corners — chip ’em out? Why bother, when you can use the AS160 from Arbortech? The AS160 cuts so precisely, you can remove a single brick from a wall without damaging the surrounding bricks. If you find that hard to believe, watch their repetitive but informative video.

Moving in an orbital motion, two forward-facing blades provide a simultaneous hammering and cutting action, minimizing the danger of kickback. This arrangement also cuts cleaner, throwing no dust, so the work is more visible, and there’s less mess to clean up. Another advantage: The blades cut dry, so all you need is a standard vacuum to suck up the debris, and with an optional dust boot you can clean as you cut.

With the many blades Arbortech offers you can cut brick and mortar, fiber cement, plaster and drywall, soft to medium stones, most woods, tree roots, plastics, and fiberglass. All of the blades except the wood blade and jaws feature resharpenable tungsten carbide teeth.

AS160 Blades

The AS160 is going to set you back at least $1000, but that gets you the AS160 and a set of plunge, general-purpose, and tuckpointing blades. Additional blades will run you $70 to $100.

Allsaw AS160 [Arbortech]
Allsaw AS160 [Find a Dealer]


6 Responses to The AS160 Allsaw Cuts Masonry And More

  1. BJC says:

    Is this thing just a more expensive version of the Fein Multimaster?

  2. Very cool! I had to work down in a crawl space to cut out a piece of a stem wall for a bathroom mod a few months back. This would have been good for that. But for the price, the only way I’ll ever see one is if it shows up at the tool rental shop.

  3. Bret says:

    I’ve used this a number of times.. Its fantastic if you have the old soft bricks, but forget it on modern hard baked bricks. On the soft bricks it goes through like butter – but remember the stuff it cuts out (1/4″ cut) has to go somewhere and it spews fine grit like no tomorrow – at least its grit though, not powerfine brick dust.

    It has a bunch of different size blades and I’ve used it for cutting doorways into walls, chasing conduits and cutting powerpoint boxes.

    On hard brick it bounces like made and cuts very slowly – forget it, use a wet diamond saw instead.

    Also never force it, the blades can jam and wear the motor-fast – this is something that is worth renting rather than buying.

  4. az says:

    We found this tool great for easily removing the bricks.

    The 2 jobs we had to do was remove bricks around cracks in a building so the bricks could be relayed and also removing bricks holding 3 metal door frames so that we could replace the door frames. All up this whole job consisted of about 45 bricks to be removed and was done over a month.

    Unfortunately it didn’t make it to the end of this job and completely stopped working.

    I had actually purchased the tool some time prior to the job (when I found it on special) and did not use it for a long time. By the time it stopped working it was just out of warranty but had only ever done these 2 jobs.

    When I approached the company they did repair it but the repair representative still wanted to blame the breakdown on our use rather than some possible design faults which obviously caused it to fail where it should have continued working.

    So for the price it just is not up to the job. Based on our purchase price of $830AUD and completely collapsing after about 45 bricks costs $18.50 per brick – not a financially viable tools and obviously not fit for purpose.

    Since having had it fixed I have been reluctant to use it and have gone back to using the angle grinder/diamond blades.


    We required this AS160 for our brick cutting job.
    Please send technical catalouge of AS160 to my email.

  6. raja. says:

    i need this machine.

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