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Whether you’re an audio engineer, an IT guy, or just a regular dude with a computer shoved under your desk, eventually you’re going to have to crawl into a tight, dark space and try to fix a wiring issue. A TV-biz friend of mine recommended a much better solution: slap a stick-on light under that desk or console before crunch time.

The one pictured above — the LED-based DOT-It from Sylvania — is my favorite, though you can find similar models everywhere, from your local big-box to late-night TV infomercials. The DOT-It delivers a claimed 100 hours on three replaceable AAA batteries — enough for many, many cable swaps.

The bottom line: the $5 to $9 you’ll spend on one of these will keep you from crawling back out from under the desk to go and hunt for a flashlight many times over. You’ll completely forget about it until you’re already down there — where it’ll be there, waiting to make the difficult simple.

DOT-It Stick-On LED Light [Sylvania]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s this?]


4 Responses to The Perfect Under-Desk Light

  1. Colorful Numbers says:

    Thanks for the under-the-desk tip!

    I saw a similar product in a Big Lots. To turn them on, you yank out a plastic tab. They couldn’t be turned off! (Well, without disassembly, anyway…)

    For the record, the reviewed light taps on and off, but check the package before you buy!

  2. Jim says:

    Costco has a geat deal of a 3-pack of similiar 5-LED puck lights. The heads swivel, have a high and low setting, include and optional light sensor, attach with a screw or supplied velcro and include 9 Duracell batteries.

    I believe the regular price is $12.99.

    I just used all three for a three-day outdoor event for 10+ hours/day and they worked flawlessly.

  3. LMB says:

    Sticky lights are a wonderful thing. If you’re under the desk/TV cabinet/whatever that frequently may I also recomend a foam garden kneeler? I know i’ve been grateful for carrying one in my wiring kit for the last few years.

  4. MR P says:

    They should have a 2 min time out to turn off. Because I’m thinking that there I times that I would forget that thing on and then the batteries would be dead next time I need it. And then getting batteries to replace would be harder than just getting the flashlight.

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