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Makita BHP451

Meet the new 18V 1/2″ LXT lithium-ion hammer drill/driver kit from Makita. I know, I want one too. This baby’s four-pole torque motor delivers up to 560 in-lbs of torque, which is a lot of power considering the Makita is only 9-7/8″ in length and 4.9 lbs. It drives in three speeds, and with Makita’s shift-lock system you can quickly shift it from hammer into driver mode.

The lithum-ion battery gives the tool a longer running time with 5x lower self-discharge; the battery also sports 16 firm-holding contact terminals for constant high-power output. The fan-cooled charger can charge the battery in 45 minutes and has three active controls for current, heat, and voltage, to optimize the charging capacity of the battery.

The tool comes in a carrying case and includes two batteries, a charger, screwdriver bits, and Makita’s standard three-year warranty on the tool and one year on the battery. The lowest price I found was $266 over at Tool Plus.

BHP451 [Makita]
Makita BHP451 Kit [Tool Plus]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


9 Responses to Makita 18V Li-Ion Hammer Drill/Driver Kit

  1. Julian Tracy says:

    Seems like you guys keep suggesting tool deals which aren’t really deals?

    Someone would be much better served to pick up a combo kit for $349 or so which’ll have 4 tools and 2 batteries.

    Sheet, Amazon had a gold box special the other day for a 4pc LXT combo for $299.

    Neveer makes sense to buy single tools with batteries. You guys may or may not know that, but your readers might not know that and start thinking $266 for a drill and two batteries is some kind of deal – NOT.

    I’ve seen the Milwaukee V18 drill and impact kit with 2 batts for $299 – that’d be a better deal.

    I know this is no deal site, but the way you point these things out – someone might start thinking they were deals.


  2. Makita Dave says:

    I think you mean to show Makita’s newest drill (in the US and Canada), the BHP452. The BHP 451 launched in Nov./Dec. 2005, in the LXT400, LXT202 and as a single tool. The LXT452 is a 2-speed version of the (3-speed) LXT451. Makita USA is down right now, so the spec’s can’t be compared, but the tools are supposed to be similar.

  3. bc says:

    This drill rocks. Blew my 18v Dewalt XRP out of the water.

  4. Rally9x says:

    Julian Tracy – Do you think this was posted under dealmonger heading or something? This post had nothing to do with “good deal”.

  5. Julian Tracy says:

    That’s my point – it’s not a deal, and if this site is trying to give good service to their readers, they should point out that although you COULD pay $266 for this drill and two batteries, you’d be a fool to do so and that there are better ways to buy cordless tools.

    You folks may know that, but their could be others that read this site and see this posting and start ordering based on all this positive talk and not realize what a rip it would be.

    Gonna offer a tool advice service than make it a complete “service” and offer up some good advice as well as talking up the tools.


  6. Cassidy Caid says:

    You didn’t mention the best parts of this drill.

    The built in belt clip, great for ladders or anytime…

    and my personal favorite, the dual LED lights just above the trigger that illuminate the work area.

    JT is right about the deals though. I bought this drill as a standalone and I regret it. I saw that same Milwaukee combo set at the sparky shack and I wish I had gone for that.

    The drill is great though.

  7. Tony says:

    Why would you go for the Milwaukee when it is a brick compared to the light Makita?

    Makita has the best cordless out there right now. I look forward to using mine everyday.

  8. Robert Blackmon says:

    I’ve had mine a little over a year now and only use it occasionally but it just died. In it’s defense I was drilling a 1/2″ hole in 1/2″ plate with a dull bit when it finally gave up.

    The 452 is not as powerful as the 451, the real replacement for the 451 is the 454 which actually adds a little more power than the 451 had and it was/is a wrist breaker.

  9. Paul says:

    One thing you guys are forgetting is the 4+ peice combo kits do NOT come with this particular drill. They come with the BHP452Z hammer drill/driver, which is the compact model.

    The compact BHP452Z puts out 460 in/lbs of torque compared to 560 in/lbs of torque this BHP451 puts out, and this hammer drill comes with a handle and depth stop, whereas the compact BHP452Z does not include those accessories.

    Bottom line is, if you’re going to do any heavy drilling in thicker metal or masonry, the compact drill won’t quite do the trick, you’ll need a bigger hammer drill like this one.

    This is the heavy duty model which pu

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