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Arbortech Power Chisel

Most woodworkers would agree that the chisel is an indispensable tool, but chiseling can get pretty tedious after awhile. What if you could replicate the same cutting action with a power tool? Arbortech’s Power Chisel does just that. Plus, unlike rotary cutting tools, it leaves behind very little airborne dust or sawdust — just shavings and wood chips.

Like a nail gun, the cutting action only activates when the chisel is against the work piece, so the Power Chisel is very safe to use. The reciprocating action also gives the user the control needed for carving or creating precision joints.

Power Chisel Chisels

To make the Power Chisel more versatile, Arbortech manufactures a wide variety of chisels, from flat chisels to rounded gouges and V-gouges both shallow and deep. To produce a quality chisel that’ll last, they heat-treat the chisels to 60º Rockwell C. Arbortech’s snap-lock system makes changing chisels easy — push the button, remove the old chisel, and replace with a new chisel.

Arbortech really seems to stand behind this product. For instance, they make all wearing parts available as separate items. Their website also contains extensive information on the power chisel, including parts lists and keys, exploded product diagrams, installation instructions, and a pretty good list of Frequently Asked Questions. This is very impressive — a lot of tool companies don’t even provide their crappy instruction manuals for download, and when they do, you can bet it’s 50 pages of warnings like “Don’t operate this power tool underwater.”

The Power Chisel comes either as an attachment for 4″ or 4-1/2″ angle grinders or as a ready-to-use unit complete with motor. You can buy just the angle grinder attachment for about $110, while the Power Chisel with motor will run you $180. Also, some retailers sell the Power Chisel attachment in combination with a premium angle grinder. For instance, online retailer Chipping Away will sell the Power Chisel attached to the Bosch 1375A angle grinder for $235.

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4 Responses to Arbortech Power Chisel

  1. Rally9x says:

    A company that shows you how to open their product and makes parts available is something that certainly should be applauded. When a company does these things I feel like I actually own a product for once.

  2. Trevor Osgerby says:

    Looks like the ideal tool for a carpenter. Would save a lot of time and effort. Would be great for artists who carve with wood as well. I have always looked at jointing and thought what a lot of work has gone in there. With this tool it would be a breeze. I think I’ll get one.

  3. tony abdelnour says:

    hi please if you let me know the prices of the electric chisel than I can decide which I take plus how many manaccessories
    on each( chisels) and the postage will cost to Australia

  4. Subrata Goswami says:

    I need this product from India help you

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