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Although there are a lot of ‘pros’ for hole saws, a few ‘cons’ also stand out: the limited variety of sizes, and the high cost of collecting them. The next time you need to drill a 1-9/16“ hole, you can look into Vermont American’s solution — an adjustable hole saw.

You can dial the adjustable hole saw’s four hardened and tempered blades to cut any size hole between 1-1/8” and 2-1/2”. This allows you to cut the right-sized hole in plastic, wood, or composite materials up to 3/4” thick. Another advantage: You can safely use this adjustable hole saw with a drill, because the four blades balance the pressure equally around the cut. The only other option for an adjustable-sized hole is a wing cutter, but you can only use that safely in a drill press.

If you’re looking for a way to avoid carrying a whole hole saw kit, or if you need to drill that perfect-sized hole, you might want one. With street pricing at $15, it could be just the thing.

Adjustable Hole Saw [Vermont American]
Street Pricing [Google Products]
Via Amazon [What’s This?]


4 Responses to Whole Hole Saw Kit In One

  1. Kieran says:

    Looks like 3 blades to me.
    Seems pretty handy and cheap to boot, good way to cut down on space and it means not having to buy different sizes if you only need the one every now and then.

  2. Fred says:

    Has anyone actually tried one of these?
    Is it for soft wood (e.g. pine) only?

    I also recall adjustable “hole saws” made by General Tools:


    These “fly cutters” are best suited for use in drill presses and will not cut steel like a good (Starrett et. al.) bi-metal hole saw will. I suspect that the Vermont American saw pictured has similar limitations – but ma be OK for hand-held applications.

  3. Gene says:

    I’ve had one of these for a while. Definitely handy for a lot of jobs (especially for the price), but they have a harder time with thicker and/or harder lumber. And of course if you want something bigger than 2 1/2″, you’re out of luck. Worth having one in the toolbox for the price, though.

  4. Brau says:

    All in all I find these kind of adjustable cutters require a much more gentle touch and patience than a basic hole saw, but do offer the ability to make an exact size hole. I’d be a bit worried about the thinness of the cutting blades in the product above as they would seem to have a tendency to flex inward, bend, or chatter. Of note, the circle cutters linked by Fred have much more rigid cutting blades and can be adjusted to shorten the length.

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