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Tool Leash

If you’ve ever lost a tool to the drink while working on your stalled outboard, you’ll appreciate the Tool Leash. You don’t even have to be in the middle of the lake — you could be on a ladder, on scaffolding, or on a roof. Dropping a tool means time lost retrieving it, or even worse, damaging the tool and whatever the falling tool hits. You can prevent damage or loss by hooking up your tool to the Tool Leash.

You attach the included rubber ties to the tools you want to use with the Tool Leash. The swivel end of the leash clips to the rubber tie loop. A ring on the other end of the coiled leash attaches to the carabiner-style clip. When you want to use the tool leash, clip it to your belt or tool pouch, and clip the tool you want to use to the other end. You can clip up to four leashes to a single carabiner.

The package contains a carabiner, two 5″ plastic coiled leashes that have been drop tested to 30 lbs, and 10 rubber ties. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find the Tool Leash online. One store I found through Google Products charges $12. If you want to use the Tool Leash, but can’t find a place to buy it, I think that with a little ingenuity a Toolmonger could whip up something similar from off-the-shelf parts.

Tool Leash [FSI]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


7 Responses to Keep A Leash On Your Tools

  1. O'Bunny says:

    Or, you could get a similar Safety Tether for about seven bucks from Lee Valley:

  2. t clark says:

    i used to build scaffolds for plant shutdowns. we were required to have our tools on a tether. if a scaffold wrench falls from 200 feet it’s gonna kill somebody if they get hit! i learned really quick to be aware of where your tools are.

  3. MikeT says:

    I once dropped a crescent wrench off a 40-foot platform into soft earth, where it made a nice wrench-shaped hole in the ground, Wiley Coyote style. I hadn’t really been aware of how high up I was until I watched it fall. Yikes.

    Luckily, I had an assistant with me, and I made him climb down and get it.

  4. I would need a leash for the leash

  5. Thanks O’Bunny for pointing out the Lee Valley part. For some reason the link just brings me to their category page, but I was able to find it searching a bit. Here’s the Google search page, click the first link:


    I chose this Tool Leash to write about because I hadn’t found the Lee Valley one, and because I liked this one better than some of the other ones I did find. Plus Tool Leash sound way cooler than Safety Tether.

  6. SlowJoeCrow says:

    Back when I did stage lighting, I hung my wrench from an old telephone handset cord, a snap link I found in the shop and my ever present carabiner, total cost $0 and 5 minutes work.

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