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Your average grinder comes with small platforms to hold your work on while you let the sparks fly. If you use your grinder to sharpen chisels, carving tools, or turning tools, you sometimes have to freehand your grinding to get the right edge. The Wolverine jig by Oneway helps you get the right edge on your tools with ease.

Before you start grinding, you have to mount two holders, included with the Wolverine jig, under your grinding wheels. These holders can accept a variety of different jigs. The basic setup comes with two jigs — a platform jig and a vee arm. You can easily adjust the height and pitch of the 3″ by 5″ platform jig. The vee arm can hold long chisels and gouges, allowing you to get a consistent grind by simply moving the tool from side to side. You can move and adjust both jigs with just a turn of a cam handle.

In addition to the basic setup, you can increase the Wolverine’s functionality with additional jigs. The dressing jig will dress your wheels to a perfect perpendicular surface. A skew jig will allow you to get a symmetrical grind on both sides of your skew. Probably the most specialized jig is the Vari-Grind jig. If you combine this jig with the vee arm, you can put a precise grind profile on turning gouges.

The Wolverine jig has a street price of $80 for the basic package, and accessories can run anywhere between $25 and $70. It would make a good addition to the shop of either the beginning or experienced Toolmonger turner.

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  1. MR P says:

    why pay for it. build your own with almost $0 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BCVqWR1FcM0

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