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The guys who brought you Ice Road Truckers have come up with another show about a job that isn’t for sissies – logging. Yeah, that’s right, it’s about Paul Bunyan-style, timber-cutting roughnecks who slice and haul trees all day.

The History Channel says, “It’s the first-ever non-fiction series about the life of Pacific Northwest timber cutters.”  Ax Men premieres Sunday, March 9 at 10pm ET/PT on History.

Yeah, it’s going to be sweet. From the clips, we see timber falling all over, people getting dragged around by it, and some poor dude rolling down a mountain. If that’s not a tough office environment, we don’t know what is.

Ax Men [History Channel]


One Response to History Channel’s Ax Men Scheduled To Air In March

  1. Mel says:

    When I was a youngster, we had a neighbor who was a logger, clearing right-of-way for pipeline construction. He drove a little Jeep-like wagon, and said his chainsaw was 5hp bigger than his car.

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