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MAC Tools is partnering with Challenger Lifts to produce a range of “professional grade” two-post lifts priced just right for newly-opening shops — and low enough to tempt even an amateur like me.

Key features include three-stage front arms (which’ll help with asymmetric lifting — where you need one arm to be significantly longer than the other), rubber foot pads (to protect undercoatings), a single-point mechanical lock release system (so you don’t have to release each post separately), and a padded overhead shut-off (so you can’t knock a hole in the ceiling and trash your vehicle).

For those who’d rather utilize a four-post system, MAC will offer those as well. For more details, talk to the man on the truck.


12 Responses to MAC’s New 10,000-Pound Lifts: Starting At $3k

  1. Old Donn says:

    In a perfect world, (one with Bill Gates money), the only questions would be which model and how many. Seriously, if there’s one piece of shop equipment I lust over, this is it. Amatuer or pro, anyone who gets their hands dirty on a car could use one of these.

  2. Jesse says:

    I’ve learned in the past, it’s best to do directly to the mfg and safe yourself a few hundred bucks for not advertising the Mac name. Besides, most mac tool guys only last a few years at best leaving you without their “service” for months on end.

  3. ToolFreak says:

    I’d have to agree on just skipping the middleman and going straight for a Hunter unit through a shop supplier. A few grand for one of these, brand new, isn’t much compared to the time you save, not to mention the extra safety and the wear and tear you save on yourself instead of contorting around on the ground when working under a vehicle on jackstands. Theres still more $$$ to be spent on the foundation and install, though.

  4. Jerry says:

    I’ll agfree with Jesse. I just went to the Challerger Lifts website and located my local representative. I can get the same lift direct from Mfg starting at $2K. Mac must have paid Toolmonger a bundle for the ad spot I guess.

  5. mark E says:

    Looks like the same Challanger lift I purchased last month and had it installed for well under $3 grand. I don’t see what the excitement is here other than someone slapped a mac decal on it.

  6. andym says:

    ditto mark…I don’t why mac even bothers with lifts and other large equipment. It’s not like they design from the ground up…all they do is contract to put their decal on it, jack up the price. I agree with Jessse too…mac men only last a couple of years at best and then after six months to a year, along comes another who may last a year or to. Most are nice people but I think mac makes more money on changing distributors than selling tools

  7. Adrian says:

    mac men come an go. Don’t get me wrong, the last mac guy was great…it seems mac makes more money off rolling over their distributors than selling tools. But I’d never buy something like this from mac or any tool truck. It’s best to go direct. We already have challenger lifts and the installed price is much lower than the price they’re talking about here. I’m sure any of our local tool guys would be more than happy to slap one of their decals on our lifts at no charge.

  8. Mac Man Bill says:

    Guys, to be quite honest, I don’t have time or energy to sell this. Too much work and I can’t come close to the price the factory rep will get you. Besides if someting goes wrong, my service will be to call the factory rep for you. That’s about it.

  9. Norm says:

    Hey, an honest Mac Man…thats rare! Our slimeball mac guy would have tried is best to lie, cheat, and twist the facts to sell us one of these…then never show up if something went wrong. Too bad you’re a dying bree…I used to like Mac tools back when they made stuff in the good ole U.S.A.! Its a shame that Stanley took them to China for their tools.

  10. Greg says:

    Mark is right. Just another challenger lift with a mac decal pasted on the side and probably twice the price tag. dont see what the fuss is about this. Why bother with the ‘man on the truck’ when you can go directly to the source and save a bundle.

  11. Echo says:

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  12. aldo says:

    i nee use 10000 pound lifts

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