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We mentioned a while back that the Hobart Handler 210 was going to be available soon, and now it is. One the newest models in the Hobart line, it looks like a sweet unit.

The 210 plugs into a standard 230V outlet and delivers up to 210A of power, which will weld 3/8″ mild steel and up to 1/4″ thick aluminum. It sports a 30 percent duty cycle — which means for every 10 minute period, the welder can weld for three minutes of it without stopping to cool down. This may seem like a limitation at first, but it’s actually not bad if you’re on location. Plus, the 210 comes loaded with flux-core, so no bottles are needed straight out of the box.

At around $850, it’s more expensive than some of the other models in the line — but the extra MIG capabilities do set it apart.

Handler 210 [Hobart]
Street Pricing [Google Products]


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